Continental AllSeasonContact

The Continental AllSeasonContact is the second summer-bias all season tire to the market, and a rival for the Michelin CrossClimate. The AllSeasonContact combines good winter and summer performances, plus best in class rolling resistance.

The AllSeasonContact will be available in 14 to 18-inch sizes, widths of 165 to 245mm, 40 to 70 series cross sections and T/H/V speed ratings.

This tire has been replaced by the Continental AllSeasonContact 2.

Dry Grip 82%
Wet Grip 87%
Road Feedback 81%
Handling 83%
Wear 75%
Comfort 82%
Buy again 80%
Snow Grip 85%
Ice Grip 78%

Tire review data from 35 tire reviews averaging 81% over 638,711 miles driven.

The AllSeasonContact is ranked 13th of 57 All Season Premium Touring tires.

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Latest Tire Test Results

2023 TUV Report All Season Test - 3rd of 4 tires

  • Overall - The AllSeasonContact showed exceptional performance in wet conditions, achieving 1st place in the wet circle test and straight aquaplaning. It also performed well in wet braking (2nd place). However, it performed less well in dry conditions and snow, ranking 3rd in dry braking and 4th in all snow tests
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2022/23 Tire Reviews All Season Tire Test - 4th of 10 tires

  • Positive - Good handling in the wet and dry, good snow braking and handling, low rolling resistance.
  • Negative - High internal noise, weak snow traction, extended dry braking.
  • Overall - The Continental AllSeasonContact might be one of the oldest all season tires in the group now, but it's still performing well with a solid balanced result in all categories. Consistency is important in an all season tire, and while the Continental didn't win any test, it didn't do badly in any test either, with a solid string of 4th and 5th places putting it in fourth place overall in the balanced score weighting, and fifth in the mild climate. Recommended.

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2022 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tire Test - 3rd of 13 tires

  • Positive - Balanced premium tire with the best winter qualities, dynamic wet handling, good safety reserves for aquaplaning, low rolling resistance.
  • Negative - Slightly understeering dry handling.
  • Overall - Good.
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  • Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
    185/60 R14 86H XL   B B 71 6.44kgs
    155/65 R14 75T   C B 71 5.53kgs
    175/65 R14 86H XL   C B 71 5.94kgs
    185/65 R14 90T XL   B B 71 6.91kgs
    165/70 R14 85T XL   B B 71 5.95kgs
    195/50 R15 86H XL   C B 72 7.02kgs
    185/55 R15 86H XL   C B 71 6.66kgs
    195/55 R15 89H XL   C B 72 7.08kgs
    185/60 R15 88V XL   B B 71 6.67kgs
    185/60 R15 88H XL   B B 71 6.67kgs
    195/60 R15 92V XL   B B 72 7.61kgs
    165/65 R15 81T   C B 71 5.90kgs
    175/65 R15 84H   C B 71 7.00kgs
    175/65 R15 88T XL   B B 71 6.50kgs
    185/65 R15 92H XL   B B 71 7.22kgs
    185/65 R15 92T XL   B B 71 7.22kgs
    195/65 R15 91T   C B 72 7.65kgs
    195/65 R15 95V XL   C B 72 7.71kgs
    195/65 R15 95H XL   C B 72 7.90kgs
    215/45 R16 90V XL   C B 72 7.63kgs
    195/50 R16 88V XL   C B 72 7.27kgs
    195/55 R16 91V XL   B B 72 7.38kgs
    195/55 R16 91H XL   B B 72 7.43kgs
    195/55 R16 87H   B B 72 7.31kgs
    205/55 R16 91H   C B 72 8.03kgs
    205/55 R16 94V XL   B B 72 8.00kgs
    205/55 R16 94H XL   B B 72 8.00kgs
    215/55 R16 97V XL   B B 72 8.30kgs
    195/60 R16 89H   C B 72 7.69kgs
    205/60 R16 96V XL   B B 72 8.65kgs
    205/60 R16 96H XL   B B 72 8.65kgs
    215/60 R16 99V XL   B B 72 9.23kgs
    235/60 R16 100H   B B 72 10.22kgs
    215/65 R16 102V XL   B B 72 10.35kgs
    215/65 R16 98H REN       10.30kgs
    215/70 R16 100H   B B 72 10.48kgs
    215/40 R17 87V XL   C B 72 8.22kgs
    205/45 R17 88V XL   C B 72 8.36kgs
    215/45 R17 91W XL   C B 72 8.97kgs
    225/45 R17 94V XL   C B 72 9.37kgs
    225/45 R17 94W XL   C B 72 9.48kgs
    235/45 R17 97Y XL   C B 72 9.86kgs
    205/50 R17 89H   C B 72 8.72kgs
    205/50 R17 93W XL   C B 72 8.42kgs
    205/50 R17 93V XL   C B 72 8.40kgs
    215/50 R17 95V XL   C B 72 8.67kgs
    215/50 R17 95W XL   C B 72 8.70kgs
    225/50 R17 98V XL   B B 72 9.64kgs
    205/55 R17 95V XL   B B 72 8.83kgs
    215/55 R17 98V XL   B B 72 8.76kgs
    215/55 R17 98W XL   B B 72 8.87kgs
    225/55 R17 101W XL   B B 72 10.12kgs
    225/55 R17 101V XL   B B 72 10.12kgs
    235/55 R17 103V XL   B B 72 10.39kgs
    215/60 R17 96H   B B 72 9.75kgs
    215/60 R17 100V XL   B B 72 9.48kgs
    215/65 R17 99V   B B 72 10.25kgs
    215/65 R17 99V   B B 72 11.50kgs
    225/65 R17 106V XL   B B 72 11.42kgs
    235/65 R17 108V XL   B B 72 11.77kgs
    225/40 R18 92W XL   C B 72 9.77kgs
    225/40 R18 92V XL   C B 72 9.49kgs
    235/40 R18 95V XL   C B 72 9.92kgs
    245/40 R18 97V XL   B B 72 9.85kgs
    225/45 R18 95Y XL   C B 72 9.69kgs
    245/45 R18 100Y XL   C B 72 10.60kgs
    215/50 R18 92V   B B 72 9.31kgs
    215/55 R18 99V XL   B B 72 9.62kgs
    225/55 R18 102V XL   B B 72 10.95kgs
    225/55 R18 102V XL AO B B 72 12.10kgs
    235/55 R18 100V AO B B 72 11.62kgs
    235/55 R18 100V   B B 72 11.61kgs
    235/55 R18 100V   B B 72 13.07kgs
    255/55 R18 109V XL   B B 73 11.54kgs
    225/60 R18 100V         11.52kgs
    225/60 R18 100H   B B 72 10.65kgs
    235/60 R18 107W XL   B B 72 10.77kgs
    235/60 R18 107V XL   B B 72 11.80kgs
    215/50 R19 93T (+)       13.90kgs
    235/55 R19 105V XL   B B 72 11.57kgs
    195/55 R20 95H XL   B B 72 9.09kgs

    Questions and Answers for the Continental AllSeasonContact

    2018-10-19 - I have a Volvo 850 with 205/50/R16 wheels. Is it possible and legal to fit Continental All season 205/55/R16 tires to my vehicle. Thanks for your help

    You would need to check to see if there was a safe amount of clearance as the new tires are bigger, you would also need to factor in your speedo would now be out, and you would need to notify your insurance company of the new tire size.

    2018-11-15 - Do you know the treadwear of this tire? I wonder how much mileage this tire has.

    The treadwear will vary from size to size so you would have to check directly with Continental, however if you look at this years Auto Bild All Season Tire Test it covers wear testing.

    2019-01-01 - I am looking into tires for a small car Toyota Aygo these continentals seem to come out good on reviews. Tire size 155 65 r14 needed. As there are issues with mixing summer and (winter) on front wheel drive cars (good video seen) does the same apply for all season tires. I am planning on all 4 tires being changed at he same time. Generally looking at the tread all these look directional. So what happen with the spare tire ? as this could be fitted only on one side Or do i just keep my summer continetal tire as the spare that is more flexible in term of right /left location. I would appreciate any advice

    As the Continental All Season Contact has a similar snow and ice performance to a full winter tire, I would not recommend mixing all season and summer tires as you could experience similar issues to the winter/summer setup!

    2019-05-13 - Will the Honda HRV model year 2016 LX fit to use this tire? Currently the original tire is 215 55 R16. Planning for either 16" or 17" tire and require some advise

    As long as you can find the AllSeasonContact in the correct size and load rating for your vehicle, there's no reason you shouldn't use the tire.

    2023-06-18 - Does anyone know if Continental AllSeason Contact tires have inbuilt rim protection?

    Rim protect can depend on size, but in the sizes I've seen it usually has quite a small rim protector.

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    YouTube Review

    Top 3 Continental AllSeasonContact Reviews

    Given 90% while driving a Skoda Octavia Scout (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 190 spirited miles
    Initially tested on very wet and slushy country roads and additionally on 5-10 cm compacted snow in the mountains. Tires appeared to perform as well in these conditions as my full winter tires (Nokian WR D4). Dry braking performance in the 0-8 degree range seems very good but fast cornering and general dry handling was lacking a little to my summer Pirelli's when the temperatures were nearer 8 degrees. Still sufficient dry handling for all but the most spirited of drives I would say. Early impressions are good, more winter and dry testing needed but the wet performance has been exemplary. No wear yet so too early to give a wear rating.
    Helpful 243 - tire reviewed on December 18, 2017
    Given 74% while driving a Hyundai elantra (195/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 25,000 spirited miles
    Having previously driven on 2 sets of Michelin Crossclimates (not the newer Plus model), subjectively there is a noticeable improvement in all areas. In the initial miles, dry handling was superb compared to the Michelines, tires behaved better generally in the wet and being the XL model with reinforced sidewalls, there was less perceived flex while cornering. I would say that the road noise is maybe a bit more pronounced compared to the Crossclimate. I haven't been able to test the tires in the snow as there is rarely any in my area, but I feel they wouldn't be any less competent compared to the previous model which behaved fine on slush and compacted snow. Having driven 40 000 kilometers the tires are nearing the end of their life and maybe have 5000 more kilometers in them. There is really no complaints about the longevity, especially considering the very high summer temperatures in my country and my driving style. Michelines might have lasted a bit longer, but generally after 2 years it seemed as if their compound became much harder and started behaving like a much older tire. With all of this being said I believe that in the last 10 000 km Continentals have been progressively loosing grip in the dry and wet. Asphalt in my area is less than ideal and feels like polished glass sometimes, but there is a noticeable change in tire behavior nonetheless. Continentals loose grip more predictably, whereas the Michelines would cut traction abruptly and often without any warnings. One thing I noticed (mind you with MY car) is that the Continentals respond favorably to pressures slightly higher than manufacturer recommended (about 0,3 bar more). That made a car a little more agile and predictable, albeit with a slight comfort disadvantage. Generally I believe that most drivers will be perfectly happy with these tires, as they provide a good compromise in all aspects in weather situations that don't dip into the extremes. My car is not a good driving platform as it flexes and massively understeers in the corners, so the tires could behave even better on a car with a better and firmer suspension. I feel I got my moneys worth out of them and I recommend them, but as I like to experiment I will probably try a different tire next time.
    Helpful 81 - tire reviewed on April 5, 2021
    Given 63% while driving a Lexus CT200h (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 30,000 average miles
    Bought for a brand new lexus ct200h. I was happy with the tires but after three years I see damage of the thread, not a typical wear but cracking. Did
    Helpful 38 - tire reviewed on November 13, 2022
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    Latest Continental AllSeasonContact Reviews

    Given 62% while driving a Citroën C3 Picasso 1,4 Vti (195/55 R16) on mostly motorways for 26,000 easy going miles
    I'm writing this as I'm about to replace these tires after 46,000 km. They'd probably last until 60,000, but the snow wear marks have been reached since 42,000 km and I'm going to need winter capable tires. As far as longevity is concerned, it's OK, but no more than that, because I've got a fairly light, low-powered car and I drive quietly.
    Since I don't live in a place where winter tires are mandatory, the Michelin CrossClimate 1, which was presented as a summer tire capable of driving on snow, could have been a good choice. But I had read in tests that the Michelin looses its directional ability on snow over 40km/h. That's good enough for the last few kilometres of the 'climb up to the resort' in the French Alps, but I need tires that will allow me to travel in winter in Germany, Austria and northern Italy, where I've sometimes experienced snowstorms on motorways in heavy traffic, at speeds of over 100km/h. So I chose the Continent Allseason Contact.
    I made the wrong choice: since buying it, I've only driven 40 km on snow, on a small mountain road.
    I did find that the Allseason Contact is very good on fresh or packed snow, almost like a winter tire. I didn't test it on ice, where a siped winter tire is certainly better.
    The Allseason Contact is also very good in the rain, particularly in cold weather.
    It's in the dry that things take a turn for the worse: the Allseason Contact causes marked understeer. This isn't dangerous on motorways. But elsewhere you can be surprised by a bend that closes, even at legal speed. And emergency braking in dry conditions is a far cry from that of a summer tire.
    Finally, in very hot weather, the car becomes a pudding on wheels.
    In conclusion, the Continental AllSeason Contact is a very good tire, but it should be seen as a winter tire that can be driven in summer, exactly the opposite of the Michelin. According to the data sheet for the new Allseason Contact 2, dry performance and longevity have been improved, but this should not change its character.
    The Continental AllSeason Contact is a good choice for equipping a year-round car that does a lot of snow driving in winter, but that is not used for long journeys in summer, especially not in the south.
    The Continental AllSeason Contact can also be a very good winter tire, as a complement to a real summer tire, for regions with a mild climate where frost is rare, with more rain than snow in winter, where a real winter tire will be unappropriated by mild temperatures.
    I haven't yet chosen my next tires. As I live in the rainy northern French Brittany, the ideal tire would be a summer rain tire, capable of occasional use on snow, with good directional control rather than traction. So neither Continental nor Michelin. Based on the latest tests I've consulted, I'm hesitating between Bridgestone, Goodyear, Vredstein or Dunlop.
    Helpful 12 - tire reviewed on November 18, 2023
    Given 82% while driving a BMW X3 35d (275/40 R19) on mostly country roads for 1,000 average miles
    I recently replaced the runflat Pirelli P Zero tires on my 2017 X3 35d M Sport with Continental AllSeasonContact tires in 245/45 R19 front and 275/40 R19 rear sizes. My goal was to find all-season tires that would provide better ride quality with the M Sport suspension. The Continental AllSeasonContact tires have delivered on that, providing a relatively sporty ride while also being much more comfortable than the Pirelli P Zero tires. They offer a generally softer feel and a notably higher tolerance for potholes and expansion joints.

    The grip levels are high on dry roads, and they also perform very well in wet conditions, although there is some loss of feel compared to the runflat P Zero. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Continental AllSeasonContact tires, as the car is now much more comfortable, considerably quieter, and generally delivers a more typical SUV feel than I experienced with the runflat tires. I have used Michelin CrossClimate+ and Goodyear Vector Gen 3 fitments on other SUVs, and I find that Continental AllSeasonContact tires are a very good alternative.
    Helpful 14 - tire reviewed on October 2, 2023
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    Given 56% while driving a Peugeot 5008 (225/55 R18) on a combination of roads for 11,000 average miles
    This is an excellent tire as used in icy conditions and also as a general all season tire as designed. However, in sustained periods of high temperatures in UK summer (our heat waves seem to be getting more frequent), the rubber must be literally melting as the tread wear appears terrible. I am down to 30% life left on fronts and 50% on rears after 11k miles/12 months. Tires are on a family SUV 7 seater and the tires have not been subjected to spirited miles to any degree. The tires are also XL. Previously had ContiCrossContact LX 2's which lasted in the region of 20k miles. Assuming that hot summers don't do the all season's any good? Switching to summer tires!
    Helpful 27 - tire reviewed on February 13, 2023
    Given 76% while driving a Peugeot e208 (195/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 15,000 easy going miles
    Covered around 15k miles and rotated. Still 5mm tread left on the front of an electric car which is pretty good! Dry grip is fine and enough for anything except very heavy acceleration which will break traction. Wet acceleration is poor with just a gentle nudge in the throttle sometimes completely losing traction!when the cars moving it's pretty safe though. Emergency heavy braking again is not ideal and ABS will kick in sometimes. It's just not predicable. Snow and ice traction is alright too and had no issues over UKs crazy snow in December. It's very comfy and good wearing which is what I am after usually. It's not a bad tire but a few compromises. I have a 4x4 estate on Michelin crossclimate + which are louder but seem to outperform these, hard to tell due to drivetrain. Also previously had verdestein quatrac which I found were more progressive and predictable if not a bit louder in cabin.
    Helpful 23 - tire reviewed on January 12, 2023
    Given 94% while driving a Hyundai ix35 (215/70 R16) on a combination of roads for 8,000 spirited miles
    These tires are amazing, previously i had used winter/ summer tire accordingly and never dared to buy all season, but after buying this I can confidently say I am never going back. For dry they are amazing, only slip has occurred when you aggressively dump the clutch near a stop light. Corners can be taken confidently and with a lot of speed. The wet grip is excellent. 140-150 kph in an autostrada during rain is no problem, car feels planted. Never felt any aquaplaning. Looking forward to seeing how they handle in snow and ice as this will be my first winter with them.
    Helpful 26 - tire reviewed on October 20, 2022
    Given 87% while driving a Ford Tourneo Connect Grand Titanium (205/60 R16) on a combination of roads for 26 average miles
    When I got my car it had summer tires fitted, I knew I'd have to change them as it FWD but I had considered winter tires but opted for all seasons as I didn't want to store wheels.

    I chose the allseason contact because it was a manufacturer recommended brand and it had great reviews. I changed all four tires at the same time and noticed a marked improvement in comfort and feedback straight away.

    In the dry they are as good as any summer tires when driven normally giving a planted dependable feel, driven with a bit of enthusiasm and you reach the limit quickly but they have NEVER let go. The same in the wet planted and dependable, excellent through standing water without pulling off course. It's in the snow that I found them outstanding, that planted feeling always there as if there was no snow on the road. Mileage I've gotten 26,000miles from the set periodically rotating them, tires only last 7,000 - 18,000miles on my vehicle so I'm satisfied with that. The only thing that lets these tires down for mileage is the rounded profile bringing the outside wear markers visible when there's over 4mm of tread left over the rest of the tire. Excellent tires I'd buy again and highly recommend. I'll never be buying summer tires again.
    Helpful 20 - tire reviewed on October 4, 2022
    Given 79% while driving a Hyundai i20 (185/60 R15) on a combination of roads for 36,000 average miles
    Very balanced and safe tires. Noise was also much lower than the Crossclimate I installed before. Wet performance was good as well as snow, a bit underperforming on the dry. Wear could have been better. All things considered a good compromise.
    Helpful 24 - tire reviewed on September 14, 2022
    Given 86% while driving a Subaru g3x Justy (185/60 R15) on a combination of roads for 20,000 spirited miles
    comparable dry grip as a decent summer tire (vredestein, goodyear). verry good feedback, not snappy on the limit easy to get back in line when going over the boundarys. decent sound levels for a V shaped tire. very good in the wet. decent grip on snow and ice. decent grip when off roading. good wear. (i drive pretty sporty and have done 30k KM on the front tires with the correct tire pressure im certain 40k is within reach). drawbacks mainly the higher price. definetly going to get another set of these. highly recomend especially if you drive quite a lot as that justifies the higher lifespan than some other brands.
    Helpful 20 - tire reviewed on September 12, 2022
    Given 58% while driving a Volkswagen polo 2018 1.0 tsi 115 hp (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 10,000 spirited miles
    I did not tested them completely in deep snow, but they are OK with light snow traction. Comfort and noise is one of the best. The worst thing about this Tire is, they do lose complete grip from the road in wet conditions. I use also Yokohama Geolander AT015,(actually perfect tire) which is way better than these. I do not recommend Continental Allseasoncontact
    Helpful 30 - tire reviewed on April 19, 2022
    Given 52% while driving a SEAT Seat Ateca 1.5 TSI FWD (215/50 R18) on a combination of roads for 16,115 spirited miles
    Chose these tires for my new car, since I couldn’t get the Goodyear vector 4seasons generation 3 at the time of purchase of car. Unfortunately I have regretted the decision daily, maybe I have found myself unlucky but I’ve had three punctures on these tires, in a relatively short time span of only 16,000 miles. In general I think these tires are a disappointment, when I compare with the older Goodyear vector 4seasons generation 2. Let’s just say these are nothing special, in my mind. That’s not to say that they are especially bad. Even though the rear tires are practically new and the front ones are only worn about a third. I will be changing these tires out for the Goodyear vector 4seasons generation 3 or maybe the Michelin cross climate 2.
    Helpful 29 - tire reviewed on March 7, 2022
    Given 89% while driving a Opel Astra H GTC (205/55 R16) on mostly motorways for 280,000 average miles
    the best all-season tire I’ve ever had a chance to drive.
    Helpful 26 - tire reviewed on December 8, 2021
    Given 88% while driving a Skoda (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 20,000 spirited miles
    Fitted these Conti's on my dad's car. This is a review on his behalf. The Continental AllSeasonContact in the size 205/55R16 94V XL are highly recommended. Fitted them a year ago, and they are still going strong. The grip in all conditions is phenomenal, the comfort equal to summer tires. Snow is no problem, it's like a winter tire. It is even capable of handling sporty! Did a 180 mile trip in the summer no problem. 9/10 would recommend.
    Helpful 30 - tire reviewed on November 28, 2021