Vredestein Quatrac

The Vredestein Quatrac has improved handling across dry, wet and snow covered surfaces, 20% improvement in tread life and 10% improvement in aquaplaning resistance when compared to the predecessor Quatrac 5.

This tire replaced the Vredestein Quatrac 5.

Dry Grip 86%
Wet Grip 92%
Road Feedback 80%
Handling 87%
Wear 91%
Comfort 79%
Buy again 91%
Snow Grip 90%
Ice Grip 80%

Tire review data from 15 tire reviews averaging 86% over 57,570 miles driven.

The Quatrac is ranked 4th of 52 All Season Premium Touring tires.

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Latest Tire Test Results

2022 Auto Bild All Season Tire Test - 2nd of 17 tires

  • Positive - All-season tires with a well-balanced performance profile, short wet and dry braking distances, agile handling, direct steering, low rolling resistance.
  • Negative - Average mileage.
  • Overall - Exemplary.
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2022 All Season Tire Market Overview - 2nd of 37 tires

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2021 Tire Reviews All Season Tire Test - 4th of 11 tires

  • Positive - Excellent wet and dry handling with short braking distances whatever the temperature, good aquaplaning resistance.
  • Negative - Poor performance in the snow with long snow braking distances, high levels of external noise, high rolling resistance.
  • Overall - The Vredestein Quatrac is the wet and dry specialist, performing extremely well in all the grip tests. Unfortunately, the snow performance of the tire was lacking compared to the best, but this is still a very good all season tire for the milder climate.
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Questions and Answers for the Vredestein Quatrac

2020-11-26 - Hi, I'm interested the vredestein quatrac tire but when I'm searching for these tires to buy I can only find either 'pro' or '5' written at the end. This review doesn't state which these are? Also I'm after 225/45r18 and 245/40 r18 size, does this tire exist in these sizes?

The 'Quatrac' is a new tire which replaces the Quatrac 5. Vredestein will be releasing new sizes of the Quatrac all the time so hopefully they'll release a tire in your size soon.

2021-11-30 - Hi, looking at the Vredestein Quatrac in 195/65 R15, would these be suitable for a classic car with tubes? I have spoked wire wheels, so need to use tubes, but do less than 2k miles/yr but in all conditions. Also, what speed rating would you recommend? i assume it effects side wall stiffness, my car only weighs 1043kg Kind regards, Mr Collins

Officially, I'd say no as tubeless tires are not meant for tubes due to friction. However, I have heard of people running similar tires with tubes on rally events etc.

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215/60 R16 $209.99 - $209.99 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top 3 Vredestein Quatrac Reviews

Given 97% while driving a Dacia Logan (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 300 spirited miles
It's the best. Handling is better than Continental Eco 5.(rain and dry)
Helpful 83 - tire reviewed on October 14, 2020
Given 94% while driving a Mazda (205/60 R16 V) on mostly town for 800 average miles
Everything is nice with this tire. I read so much tests about it. It was the 2nd best 4season tire in 2020 ADAC. I am using it in Hungary, there arent so much snow in winter, but I tested it in snow and it was good. So I recommend this for everybody.
Helpful 51 - tire reviewed on February 17, 2021
Given 89% while driving a Mazda MX5 (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 2,000 spirited miles
Fitted to our MX5 . Needed a tire that didn’t spoil the excellent handling of the car but gave you good grip and traction in the winter . Which can be hard where we live. We are not disappointed .
Helpful 36 - tire reviewed on September 2, 2021
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Latest Vredestein Quatrac Reviews

Given 98% while driving a Nissan Pathfinder (255/55 R18) on mostly town for 370 miles
I bought the tires for my 2016 Nissan Pathfinder. This past winter was mild(Chicago)in snow totals but rainy and cold. The tires performed spectacularly and looked great after tire dressing applied (Guigiaro design on sidewall)!
Helpful 1 - tire reviewed on March 20, 2023
Given 64% while driving a Hyundai Accent (195/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 8,000 average miles
These tires are my third brand of all season tires, previously using two sets of Michelin Crossclimates and Continental All Season Contact. They served me quite well, while also giving very good longevity (Continentals especially) and reasonable performance. Inspired by vastly positive reviews of Vredesteins I decided to give them a go as my next tire set. After a break in period of 500 km I started noticing mostly disappointing performance of the tires compared even to my old summer sets that I used during the whole year (my area of the country rarely gets snow even in winter, but on a few occasions I ended up having to drive in snow with a summer set). Compared to Continentals dry grip and handling are noticeably worse and road noise is more pronounced (this doesn't really bother me). Lateral wet grip is so bad to the point that my hand is always ready to pull the handbrake while turning, even in the mildest corners in city driving well within urban speeds (read as low as 20km/h). Only area that seems on par with the Continentals is longitudinal wet grip (as in straight line braking and aquaplaning). Moving from stop in city traffic is comically bad even on small slopes and travelling using highway speeds is uninspiring to say the least (and borderline scary in wet conditions). Road feedback is about average. On the positive side, during the 12 000 km I've been using these tires, thread doesn't seem to be wearing fast, so longevity could be good. As I said before, my area doesn't get snow or ice in the winter so I can't speak in terms of handling and performance in those conditions. Truth be told, after performance shown in regular conditions I wouldn't dare to use the car even for the shortest of drives in snow. I tried varying the pressure to try and remedy some of the problems, but to no avail as the tire performance gets even worse. To conclude, this review is based entirely on MY experience with MY car, so take it with a grain of salt. I suspect the main problem with these tires is that they are probably made market specific and in this case, to a lower quality standard (these are made in Hungary, but I believe that sets for, let's say "more western" parts of Europe, are made in Netherlands - I live in Croatia for what it's worth). I had similar experience using identical models of Michelin Energysavers, one set made in France and the other in Romania. You can hazard a guess which set caused a slowmotion crash turning into a wet corner while driving 20 km/h. With all things considering, to me these specific tires I have on my car are a total disappointment and under no circumstances would I buy them again. I got into a few dangerous situations as a result of bad performance from them and will probably change to another brand despite tires being only a year old. You may have a totally different experience, as a lot of users do so it seems. but to me these tires are a big no-no...
Helpful 11 - tire reviewed on December 1, 2022
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Given 80% while driving a Ford Bmax (195/55 R15) on mostly country roads for 3,000 spirited miles
We fit them this summer on our second car, aFord B-Max replacing the old Semperit Speedlife2 / Speedgrip2 summer/winter tires and were mightily impressed by those tires. These are the first allseasons we used as we live in Austria were chances are that you also see some snow and low temp. So far we however did not drive it in the winter, but in summer it was exceptional. The car felt way more sporty, even directly compared to the summer tires... Even our mum noticed the difference and she is definiely riding non sporty ;-) Will update again once we see the first snow ;-)
Helpful 10 - tire reviewed on October 7, 2022
Given 81% while driving a Opel Mokka B (215/65 R16) on a combination of roads for 5,600 average miles
I have replaced the Conti EcoContact 6 with Vredestein Quatrac on Opel Mokka B. Since the tire dimension is 215/65 R16 there cannot be much road feedback and also the small SUV on baloon tires is not exactly a track machine. In general, the noise is almost the same as with ecocontacts. The fuel consumption is very reasonable but I have no exact numbers to back my claim, as I have not been driving on ecocontacts long enough. The grip is very reasonable in the dry and surprisingly good in the wet. On icy roads the tires feel very safe, similar to winter tires. I have no experience in the snow yet. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. For everyday driving the tires are great. So far, I have driven approximately 9000 km on them. The non-driven rear tires look still new and the front ones have some worn edges of the tread blocks but the tread depth is almost as new. I would definitely recommend them.
Helpful 11 - tire reviewed on October 1, 2022
Given 93% while driving a Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDI (255/45 R19) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
Excellent tire. I'm driving A6 Allroads for the past 10 years (changed 3 cars, 4G facelift being the latest model) and I was always running on Michelin CrossClimate and CrossClimate+. However, newest Michelin CrossClimate2 was just way too expensive, so I decided to give Vredestein a try. And I have to admit that I'm totally satisfied with this tire! Everything runs smooth, I have full control over the car on both dry and wet. When driving through water, Vredestein simply does not do aquaplannung and handles perfectly, while CrossClimate always floated and couldn't handle the aquaplanning properly. The only minor drawback is it's noise that I didn't have on CrossClimate's, but since car has acoustic shielding in windshield, I really don't care. :) Plus, it's always kinda cool to see that 'Giugaro design' marking on the tire. Since there was no snow last season, I have no clue how it performs on snow and ice, but quattro is quattro and I am convinced there will be no problems with it.
Helpful 8 - tire reviewed on September 9, 2022
Given 81% while driving a Opel Mokka B (215/65 R16) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
I have fitted these tires to Mokka in January so by now I have experienced all kinds of weather. In general I am very satisfied. In dry and hot weather they feel exactly like summer tires. In this size the feedback in naturally weak (it is the same as with original Continental Ecocontact). In the wet the grip is very very good and braking feels very confident. I have not experienced snow but on icy roads they feel fine. I do not have direct comparison with winter tires on the same car but in general the feeling is similar to winter tires. Overall I am very satisfied. Since the winters in my region are generally milder with not many snowy days, I would not go back to two sets of tires for a daily commuter car.
Helpful 11 - tire reviewed on August 23, 2022
Given 87% while driving a Peugeot 308 BlueHDI EAT6 (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 4,000 spirited miles
These tires were fitted from the previous owner on the rear axle only i got a set of snow tires from Goodyear ultra grip 9+ for the front axle, anyway the vredesteins as is always my experience with any they are amazing tires no hiccups whatsoever amazing in dry and wet and even more amazing the fact that they are super quiet tires they are almost on par with my summer tires (Continental premium contact 6 ). I highly recommend them to anyone that seeks for a premium all weather tire.
Helpful 10 - tire reviewed on August 18, 2022
Given 91% while driving a Skoda (215/40 R16) on mostly country roads for 3,000 spirited miles
We bought this tire based on the tests ... for a UK winter in Cumbria, where its mostly wet and cold... these tires excel in the cold wet weather, good in the dry too, not really had any snow this winter to review that , but will post again for a summer review and a snow review.. but for a cold wet UK winter these tires are perfect!
Helpful 12 - tire reviewed on February 12, 2022
Given 74% while driving a Kia Motors Rio 5 (195/55 R16) on mostly country roads for 2,000 miles
Very good performer on wet and snowy roads. Dry handling is decent, could be better. High level of noise in the cabin.
Helpful 14 - tire reviewed on January 22, 2022
Given 88% while driving a Honda Jazz (185/55 R16) on for 10,000 miles
We have these on a Honda Jazz Automatic, so you would think nothing could help you in the snow. Wrong. These tires give enough traction that every car down the street was stuck, apart from the Honda (and our Skoda on CrossClime+)! In the wet they are simply excellent and never slip, better than most summer tires I've had.Traveling at any speed on any surface is not an issue. Dry handling and performance is also fine. It's not an exciting tire, just a safe and capable performer. Noise is also acceptable (considering the price and other performance +s) and far less that the Michelin CrossClimate + we have on a Skoda Superb.
Helpful 15 - tire reviewed on November 28, 2021
Given 86% while driving a Citroën Nemo (185/65 R15) on mostly country roads for 8,000 average miles
I fitted these tires on november 2020, basing my choice on 2 tire tests available at the time. I'm not disappointed, and after a full year of use I can say these are one of the best tires I've ever had: they excel in the wet (even at very cold temperatures) and they are very good on the dry, always giving the driver a good feedback. However, at very hot temperatures they feel softer than a regular summer tire, but it's to be expected. I managed to try them also on icy surfaces and on a bit of snow too, and they were good and safe in both conditions. Unfortunately I wasn't able to drive them on deeper snow. The wear performance is awesome, they look still very fresh and better than the similar mileage Michelin Crossclimate plus I've fitted on another car.
Helpful 14 - tire reviewed on November 15, 2021
Given 80% while driving a Peugeot 3008 (215/60 R16) on a combination of roads for 500 average miles
I am using these tires not too long. Unfortunately one tire has a small quality issue - barely noticeable bulge that causes severe steering wheel vibration at highway speeds. So, one will be replaced soon. Hope a such problem will not happen again. Other than that I am quite happy with these tires. Dry and wet handling is impressive, definitely better than in case of my previous mid range summer tires. When I replace the bulgy tire I will be able to share my recommendation - buy or not to buy.
Helpful 32 - tire reviewed on May 14, 2021