Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2

The Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2 is a Premium Touring Winter tire designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

This tire replaced the Pirelli Cinturato Winter.

Dry Grip 80%
Wet Grip 87%
Road Feedback 80%
Handling 77%
Wear 60%
Comfort 77%
Buy again 80%
Snow Grip 90%
Ice Grip 70%

Tire review data from 3 tire reviews averaging 78% over 20,000 miles driven.

The Cinturato Winter 2 is ranked 46th of 64 Winter Premium Touring tires.


Latest Tire Test Results

2023 Tire Reviews Winter Tire Test - 6th of 13 tires

  • Positive - Great balance in the dry, good wet handling, best aquaplaning resistance on test, good grip in all snow tests.
  • Negative - Average result in dry braking, average comfort levels, higher than average rolling resistance.
  • Overall - The Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2 was another fun tire to drive, with the best aquaplaning resistance on test, but sadly like the Giti its rolling resistance was amongst the highest of the group. It did however have more grip in the snow and wet than the Giti, hence finishing a spot higher.
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2023 ADAC 17 inch Winter Tire Test - 12th of 15 tires

  • Positive - Good properties on wet roads, good properties on winter roads, high predicted mileage, low abrasion, low weight, low fuel consumption.
  • Negative - Significant weaknesses in driving comfort and weaknesses in behavior at the limit on dry roads.
  • Overall - The PIRELLI CINTURATO WINTER 2 tire exhibits clear weaknesses on dry roads, particularly in steering response and driving safety, with tendencies to oversteer and delayed stabilization. However, its braking distance is good. On wet roads, the tire performs well in braking and aquaplaning but lacks precision in handling. Its performance on winter roads is good, particularly in braking on snow and ice, and it offers good controllability in handling. It narrowly misses a good rating in snow traction. Environmentally, the tire scores well in predicted mileage, wear, and efficiency, with both its weight and fuel consumption at good levels.
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2023 Sport Auto Winter Tire Test - 7th of 9 tires

  • Positive - Safe driving behavior in winter, good grip level in wet curves.
  • Negative - Sluggish steering response and shallow reserves on wet surfaces, sensitive to puddles in curves, sluggish on dry surfaces.
  • Overall - Safe snow handling, prone to aquaplaning, sluggish in dry conditions.
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Top 3 Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2 Reviews

Given 86% while driving a SEAT Leon (225/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 4,000 average miles
I bought this tire last year after suggestions from my tire dealer. I was looking for a good tire for cold and rainy winters with some occasional trip to the mountains. These tires were highly satisfactory in terms of dry and wet performance, plus they felt great in terms of subjective road feedback and handling. Car seems attached to the ground in all situations. Downsides are higher noise and fuel consumption, but I say this with respect to my summer tires, which may not be a fair comparison. I only tried them on snow once and they were fine.
Helpful 29 - tire reviewed on November 14, 2022
Given 74% while driving a Volvo V40 Cross Country 120 (225/60 R16) on a combination of roads for 4,000 average miles
Brand new, to replace my old Pirelli Sottozero 3, come at the end of their Life. Dry: These Cinturato Winter 2 are proposed as touring tires, and so they do: compared to the more sporty precursors, the road feedback appears rougher and less direct. Likewise, handling in the dry is poorer, less precise, however decent for a touring tire. Breaking in the dry appears on the other hand fairly good, with more than reasonable stopping distances. Wet: drivability in the wet is not too bad. Wet handling is decent, breaking is good as well as aquaplaning resistance, both in the straight line and in the corner. Snow: Compared to the Sottozero 3, the performance of these Cinturato Winter 2 on snow is improved: either traction, handling and braking are significantly ameliorated, providing in challenging conditions of snow, snow/mud or snow/rain a greater sense of safety. Ice: Although not nordic or studded tires, these Cinturato Winter 2 do fairly good with the ice, letting you get off on it, as long as you drive with due prudence. Internal noise: These tires make themselves felt, as expected, especially during high-speed driving. Fuel consumption and wear: in the middle for a quality winter tire. Price: high-priced but less expensive compared to many competing models of other premium brands.
Helpful 35 - tire reviewed on May 9, 2022
Given 79% while driving a Renault (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 12,000 spirited miles
It’s the best winter tire I’ve had so far great wet and snow traction also the tire is very quiet (test say otherwise but on my car this tire is quiet) big downfall is the wear of the tire after 1 winter the tires lost almost half of their tread . Last winter was weak so maybe that’s because but I’ve heard that pirelli don’t last that long. Other than that great tire
Helpful 10 - tire reviewed on November 17, 2023
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