SUV and 4x4 All Season Premium Touring Tires

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Tire Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 (3) 93% 83% 80% 77% 100% 80%
Goodyear Vector 4Seasons SUV (8) 86% 86% 88% 86% 90% 86%
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus (3) 93% 90% 90% 93% 85% 93%
General Grabber ATx (3) 80% 80% 70% 75% 100% 75%
Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S (4) 85% 85% 68% 78% 93% 85%
Yokohama Geolander AT G015 (11) 87% 80% 71% 79% 85% 86%
Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 SUV (5) 82% 85% 84% 80% 66% 94%
Dunlop Grandtrek ST20 (9) 81% 78% 77% 79% 83% 77%
Nokian WeatherProof SUV (11) 82% 89% 79% 71% 65% 81%
Nokian WR G4 SUV (4) 93% 95% 70% 90% 55% 83%
Vredestein Quatrac 5 SUV (4) 87% 73% 80% 80% 70% 90%
Michelin CrossClimate SUV (17) 85% 83% 76% 75% 78% 83%
Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2 (18) 84% 81% 79% 78% 87% 77%
Hankook Dynapro HT (3) 77% 83% 60% 70% 70% 87%
Continental ContiCrossContact LX (15) 82% 71% 70% 72% 55% 68%
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season (55) 81% 65% 76% 74% 75% 71%
Continental Cross Contact LX Sport (10) 84% 77% 73% 58% 45% 79%
Dunlop Grandtrek ST30 (19) 82% 68% 69% 64% 68% 69%

SUV and 4x4 All Season Premium Touring Tires with no reviews

Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus, Bridgestone Dueler LTH, Continental CrossContact LX20, Continental CrossContact LX20 EcoPlus, Continental TerrainContact HT, Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT, Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT, Cooper Discoverer SRX, Dunlop Grandtrek AT23, Dunlop Grandtrek ST1, Dunlop Grandtrek TG32, Dunlop Grandtrek TG35, Dunlop Grandtrek Touring AS, Firestone Destination LE2, General Grabber APT, General Grabber HTS60, Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max, Goodyear Fortera HL Edition, Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3 SUV, Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT, Goodyear Wrangler HP, Goodyear Wrangler HT, Goodyear Wrangler SR A, Goodyear Wrangler ST, Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT, Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 X, Kumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV, Michelin CrossClimate 2 SUV, Michelin Defender LTX MS, Michelin Premier LTX, Michelin Primacy Tour AS, Nexen N Priz RH7, Nokian SeasonProof SUV, Nokian WR G3 SUV, Pirelli Scorpion All Season SF2, Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3, Pirelli Scorpion ST, Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country Tour, Yokohama Geolandar HT G056, Yokohama Geolander CV G058

SUV and 4x4 All Season Premium Touring Tires Tire Review Highlights

Yokohama Geolander AT G015 rated 53% while driving a Ford F 150
Driving on mostly motorways for 6000 spirited miles
Road noise is typical for an A/T tire - not super quiet but not unusually loud. Not the most comfortable tire - not a soft ride. Lateral control is acceptable, but these are not performance/racing tires. Wet/rain traction on take-off is absolutely horrible. I don’t trust the tires in rain. At first I thought because they were new, but after thousands of miles try easily spin at a moderate take-off and rear breaks loose in corners even under light throttle. I have not tried them in the snow at 6000 miles on, and WON’T be trying - I will replace them now.
tire reviewed on 2022-08-07 16:30:25
Goodyear Fortera HL Edition rated 96% while driving a Ford Territory
Driving on mostly country roads for 49 average miles
I have had the Fontera hl edition tires as OE since I purchased the Ford Territory RWD new in 2015, the grip in wet or dry conditions is excellent comfort is very good and road noise is also minimal. I have just done 49 400 klms mainly hyway use and have noticed some of the tread has started chipping out. They are now due to be replaced would and would definitely buy these again.
tire reviewed on 2022-08-07 09:22:29
Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 SUV rated 61% while driving a Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription
Driving on mostly town for 6500 spirited miles
Generally a great tire but they're completely shot at the front and almost dead at the back within 16 months (10,500 km, almost all city driving). Granted they were on a fairly big and upright car so they've plenty of work to do but I have never had less wear out of four tires.
tire reviewed on 2022-07-28 15:11:37
Nokian WR G4 SUV rated 99% while driving a Chevrolet silverado 1500
Driving on mostly motorways for 45 spirited miles
One my third set - drive 1500 Silverado's - mostly highway driving, some-offroad, some light trailer towing - long distance. Excellent tire. Last set lasted 45,000 mile - but the centerpede tread wore away outer treads are fine - look new. Trying to locate another set, but they are out of stock everywhere. Too bad for me.
tire reviewed on 2022-07-27 00:52:54
Yokohama Geolander AT G015 rated 94% while driving a Jeep Renegade longitude4x4
Driving on track for 5000 average miles
No comments left
tire reviewed on 2022-07-21 12:16:45
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season rated 92% while driving a Subaru forester 2.5xt
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 spirited miles
Replaced Bridgestone Duellers at 37000kms on Subaru Forester. Scorpians have very good grip wet and dry are quieter and give better fuel economy. Subaru also handles better, feeling steadier while cornering fast. So far I would buy again
tire reviewed on 2022-06-21 09:51:53
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season rated 60% while driving a Honda CRV
Driving on mostly town for 0 average miles
The pirelli scorpion verde tires lasted 40k/2yrs before uneven wear and increased road noise. City driving and long distance driving but not winter driving(snow/ice). Rarely any mountain terrain. I’m not impressed with longevity and decline of tread(uneven). Tires were rotated, aligned/balance per recommendations.
tire reviewed on 2022-06-15 17:08:33
Michelin CrossClimate 2 SUV rated 79% while driving a Ford Escape
Driving on mostly town for 350 spirited miles
I purchased a set of Cross Climate 2 tires on my dealers recommendation. I drive a 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid. The first thing I noticed was my gas mileage dropped 10% around town. This vehicle gets 42.3 miles per gallon around town. The calculation is done by the vehicle and is in your face constantly.. Immediately after mounting the Cross Climate 2 my mileage dropped to 38.5 around town. I took a trip of 285 miles on a highspeed highway. My mileage which normally would be about 38.0 mpg dropped to 31.5. (Hybrids routinely get better mileage round town than they do on high speed trips due to higher percentage of electric power usage at lower speeds.) The bottom line is my fuel economy dropped 10% to 20%. I returned to my dealer. He scoffed at my mileage claims but agreed to swap the tires for a set of Primacy Tour A/S tires. i drove out of the dealership and zeroed out my trip odometer, almost immediately my fuel usage calculations began to improve. After 75 miles of local driving my MPG is back to 43.5 MPG. the Cross Climate 2 may be a great handling tire, but it will cost you dearly in fuel usage.
tire reviewed on 2022-05-18 22:03:48
Michelin CrossClimate SUV rated 76% while driving a Citroën C Crosser
Driving on mostly country roads for 5000 average miles
Really good balanced tire. Improved the fuel consumption, ride quality and noise.
tire reviewed on 2022-05-11 22:37:49
Nexen N Priz RH7 rated 63% while driving a Hyundai Tucson
Driving on a combination of roads for 162000 average miles
Started to tear apart after a few years
tire reviewed on 2022-04-22 16:36:22
Yokohama Geolander AT G015 rated 84% while driving a Land Rover Discovery Sport
Driving on a combination of roads for 500 easy going miles
I come from a set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde allseason (very comfortable tire, 90% onroad 10% offroad), but the Geolandar is more grippy in soft/mid offroad. It gives a lot of confidence. Very quiet tire on highways, good feeling on wet roads. On asphalt in good conditions, it performs as a good road tire. In comparison with Pirelli, they are less comfy on bumps onroad, because the sidewalls are stiffer. Not a great performer on wet grass (as the 80% of the A/T tires). Good performance in winter, as a good snow tire. I will for sure buy it again. Great job from Yoko. This is a great all purpose tire with very good capabilities in mild offroad and great comfort onroad. Price very good too.
tire reviewed on 2022-04-22 07:57:25
General Grabber ATx rated 77% while driving a Toyota Tacoma
Driving on mostly town for 40 spirited miles
I drive a 2015 Toyota Tacoma and chose the General Grabber ATX tires to replace the stock tires. After a little over 40,000 miles, I can safely recommend this tire to just about anyone looking for a functional all terrain tire. Admittedly I chose these tires based on looks over performance. Having also driven on BF Goodrich KO2s on a previous vehicle, these General Grabber ATXs will give the KO2s a run for its money. The wear is excellent, rated for 50,000 miles, I expect to meet its limited warranty and well beyond. I mainly drive in the city but will travel off road from time to time, never had any issues going through muddy or rocky roads. Comfort level is acceptable, there is some road noise but it doesn’t bother me much. The only negative real thus far and it’s to be expected, the tire has lost some wet grip as it’s worn down. Initially it was great, but it has noticeably lost it’s wet traction. No big deal for me, just need to slow down some, and can’t take off from a stop as quickly. Aside from that, if you are considering the General Grabber ATX, you can’t go wrong with them. Take care of your vehicle and your tires and they’ll take care of you!
tire reviewed on 2022-04-22 02:26:32
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