2023 Auto Bild SUV Winter Tire Test

The 2023 AutoBild Allrad tire test, conducted using a BMW X3, displayed various tires' performance in numerous categories. Auto Bild tested the popular 225/60 R18 SUV / CUV crossover size and also included a summer tire as reference.

Dry BrakingFalken EUROWINTER HS02 Pro: 40.9 MFirestone Winterhawk 4: 43.4 M
Dry HandlingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV: 94.6 Km/HFirestone Winterhawk 4: 92 Km/H
Wet BrakingPirelli Scorpion Winter 2: 41.1 MSuperia Bluewin SUV 2: 51.6 M
Wet HandlingGoodyear UltraGrip Performance Plus SUV: 84.3 Km/HSuperia Bluewin SUV 2: 78.9 Km/H
Wet CircleBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 15.89 sSuperia Bluewin SUV 2: 16.89 s
Straight AquaBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 90.6 Km/HSuperia Bluewin SUV 2: 76.3 Km/H
Curved AquaplaningBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 4.71 m/sec2Superia Bluewin SUV 2: 3.04 m/sec2
Snow BrakingHankook Winter i cept evo 3 X: 21.9 MBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 23.3 M
Snow TractionMichelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV: 3327 NBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 3031 N
Snow HandlingFirestone Winterhawk 4: 57.9 Km/HFalken EUROWINTER HS02 Pro: 52.9 Km/H
Snow SlalomFirestone Winterhawk 4: 4.99 m/sec2Falken EUROWINTER HS02 Pro: 4.43 m/sec2
NoiseMichelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV: 71.9 dBHankook Winter i cept evo 3 X: 74.6 dB
PriceSuperia Bluewin SUV 2: 350 Continental WinterContact TS 870 P: 865
Rolling ResistanceContinental WinterContact TS 870 P: 6.37 kg / tMichelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV: 8.39 kg / t


In dry conditions, the Falken EUROWINTER HS02 Pro and Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV were top performers in braking and handling respectively.


For wet conditions, Pirelli's Scorpion Winter 2 excelled in braking while Goodyear's UltraGrip Performance Plus SUV showed superior handling. Bridgestone's Blizzak LM005 dominated in wet circle, straight aqua, and curved aquaplaning tests.


In snowy conditions, Hankook, Michelin, and Firestone had notable performances in braking, traction, and handling respectively.


Michelin's tire also showcased the lowest noise levels.


The Continental's WinterContact TS 870 P demonstrated lowest rolling resistance, albeit at a higher price point​​.


The overall results highlight the Continental WinterContact TS 870 P and Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV as the top performers. The Continental demonstrated a commendable balance of performance across various tests, ensuring a high level of safety and handling in different weather conditions​, and the Michelin proved to be a specialist in snow with excellent handling in all weathers and a pleasantly quiet rolling comfort, despite its high rolling resistance. Following closely were the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ SUV and Pirelli Scorpion Winter 2, both praised for their handling qualities across different conditions. Goodyear showcased exemplary wet handling, while Pirelli was lauded for its consistently high performance level and precise handling, especially in snow and wet conditions

1st: Continental WinterContact TS 870 P

Continental WinterContact TS 870 P
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: B/B/71
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 865.00
Dry Braking8th41.8 M40.9 M+0.9 M97.85%
Dry Handling2nd94.3 Km/H94.6 Km/H-0.3 Km/H99.68%
Wet Braking5th44.5 M41.1 M+3.4 M92.36%
Wet Handling4th83.1 Km/H84.3 Km/H-1.2 Km/H98.58%
Wet Circle9th16.2 s15.89 s+0.31 s98.09%
Straight Aqua7th84.9 Km/H90.6 Km/H-5.7 Km/H93.71%
Curved Aquaplaning5th4.2 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.51 m/sec289.17%
Snow Braking4th22.4 M21.9 M+0.5 M97.77%
Snow Traction5th3188 N3327 N-139 N95.82%
Snow Handling4th55.5 Km/H57.9 Km/H-2.4 Km/H95.85%
Snow Slalom4th4.82 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.17 m/sec296.59%
Noise9th74.1 dB71.9 dB+2.2 dB97.03%
Price10th865 350 +515 40.46%
Rolling Resistance1st6.37 kg / t100%
Stable driving characteristics in all weather conditions, good snow performance, dynamic dry handling, and fuel-efficient rolling resistance.
High price level.

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1st: Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV
  • 225/60 R18 104H
  • EU Label: C/B/68
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 780.00
Dry Braking4th41.5 M40.9 M+0.6 M98.55%
Dry Handling1st94.6 Km/H100%
Wet Braking7th44.9 M41.1 M+3.8 M91.54%
Wet Handling2nd83.6 Km/H84.3 Km/H-0.7 Km/H99.17%
Wet Circle4th16.11 s15.89 s+0.22 s98.63%
Straight Aqua3rd87.3 Km/H90.6 Km/H-3.3 Km/H96.36%
Curved Aquaplaning7th4.02 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.69 m/sec285.35%
Snow Braking3rd22.3 M21.9 M+0.4 M98.21%
Snow Traction1st3327 N100%
Snow Handling3rd56.1 Km/H57.9 Km/H-1.8 Km/H96.89%
Snow Slalom2nd4.9 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.09 m/sec298.2%
Noise1st71.9 dB100%
Price7th780 350 +430 44.87%
Rolling Resistance10th8.39 kg / t6.37 kg / t+2.02 kg / t75.92%
Specialist in snow with excellent handling qualities in all weathers, precise steering response with good feedback, and pleasantly quiet rolling comfort.
High rolling resistance.

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3rd: Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ SUV

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Plus SUV
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: C/C/71
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 785.00
Dry Braking2nd41.3 M40.9 M+0.4 M99.03%
Dry Handling8th93.6 Km/H94.6 Km/H-1 Km/H98.94%
Wet Braking6th44.6 M41.1 M+3.5 M92.15%
Wet Handling1st84.3 Km/H100%
Wet Circle2nd15.95 s15.89 s+0.06 s99.62%
Straight Aqua5th85.4 Km/H90.6 Km/H-5.2 Km/H94.26%
Curved Aquaplaning4th4.35 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.36 m/sec292.36%
Snow Braking4th22.4 M21.9 M+0.5 M97.77%
Snow Traction8th3136 N3327 N-191 N94.26%
Snow Handling4th55.5 Km/H57.9 Km/H-2.4 Km/H95.85%
Snow Slalom5th4.81 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.18 m/sec296.39%
Noise4th73 dB71.9 dB+1.1 dB98.49%
Price8th785 350 +435 44.59%
Rolling Resistance3rd7.43 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.06 kg / t85.73%
Versatile with exemplary wet handling qualities, good safety margins against aquaplaning, short braking distances on snow, and in dry conditions.
Increased price level.

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3rd: Pirelli Scorpion Winter 2

Pirelli Scorpion Winter 2
  • 225/60 R18 104H
  • EU Label: C/A/71
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 800.00
Dry Braking3rd41.4 M40.9 M+0.5 M98.79%
Dry Handling4th93.9 Km/H94.6 Km/H-0.7 Km/H99.26%
Wet Braking1st41.1 M100%
Wet Handling6th82.9 Km/H84.3 Km/H-1.4 Km/H98.34%
Wet Circle4th16.11 s15.89 s+0.22 s98.63%
Straight Aqua6th85.1 Km/H90.6 Km/H-5.5 Km/H93.93%
Curved Aquaplaning8th3.73 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.98 m/sec279.19%
Snow Braking4th22.4 M21.9 M+0.5 M97.77%
Snow Traction7th3154 N3327 N-173 N94.8%
Snow Handling6th55.4 Km/H57.9 Km/H-2.5 Km/H95.68%
Snow Slalom7th4.76 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.23 m/sec295.39%
Noise5th73.1 dB71.9 dB+1.2 dB98.36%
Price9th800 350 +450 43.75%
Rolling Resistance5th7.63 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.26 kg / t83.49%
Winter professional with a consistently high performance level, precise handling, short braking distances in snow and wet conditions, and good rolling comfort.
Moderate reserves in curve aquaplaning.

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5th: Vredestein Wintrac Pro

Vredestein Wintrac Pro
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: C/B/72
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 670.00
Dry Braking5th41.6 M40.9 M+0.7 M98.32%
Dry Handling4th93.9 Km/H94.6 Km/H-0.7 Km/H99.26%
Wet Braking4th43.6 M41.1 M+2.5 M94.27%
Wet Handling5th83 Km/H84.3 Km/H-1.3 Km/H98.46%
Wet Circle3rd16.07 s15.89 s+0.18 s98.88%
Straight Aqua8th84.7 Km/H90.6 Km/H-5.9 Km/H93.49%
Curved Aquaplaning6th4.12 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.59 m/sec287.47%
Snow Braking7th22.5 M21.9 M+0.6 M97.33%
Snow Traction4th3200 N3327 N-127 N96.18%
Snow Handling8th54.7 Km/H57.9 Km/H-3.2 Km/H94.47%
Snow Slalom6th4.8 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.19 m/sec296.19%
Noise6th73.3 dB71.9 dB+1.4 dB98.09%
Price5th670 350 +320 52.24%
Rolling Resistance7th7.8 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.43 kg / t81.67%
Good driving performance in all weather conditions, short snow braking distances, stable lateral grip on wet surfaces, and a moderate price level.
Slight understeering tendency on ice and snow.

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6th: Hankook Winter i cept evo 3 X

Hankook Winter i cept evo 3 X
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: C/B/72
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 630.00
Dry Braking9th42.8 M40.9 M+1.9 M95.56%
Dry Handling9th93.2 Km/H94.6 Km/H-1.4 Km/H98.52%
Wet Braking2nd42.9 M41.1 M+1.8 M95.8%
Wet Handling7th82.8 Km/H84.3 Km/H-1.5 Km/H98.22%
Wet Circle8th16.17 s15.89 s+0.28 s98.27%
Straight Aqua4th86.7 Km/H90.6 Km/H-3.9 Km/H95.7%
Curved Aquaplaning3rd4.42 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.29 m/sec293.84%
Snow Braking1st21.9 M100%
Snow Traction2nd3275 N3327 N-52 N98.44%
Snow Handling2nd56.4 Km/H57.9 Km/H-1.5 Km/H97.41%
Snow Slalom3rd4.84 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.15 m/sec296.99%
Noise10th74.6 dB71.9 dB+2.7 dB96.38%
Price4th630 350 +280 55.56%
Rolling Resistance6th7.66 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.29 kg / t83.16%
Balanced premium profile with convincing winter properties, very good aquaplaning qualities, and a good price-performance ratio.
Slightly increased pass-by noise.

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7th: Falken EUROWINTER HS02 Pro

  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: C/B/70
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 545.00
Dry Braking1st40.9 M100%
Dry Handling3rd94.1 Km/H94.6 Km/H-0.5 Km/H99.47%
Wet Braking9th45.8 M41.1 M+4.7 M89.74%
Wet Handling7th82.8 Km/H84.3 Km/H-1.5 Km/H98.22%
Wet Circle6th16.14 s15.89 s+0.25 s98.45%
Straight Aqua9th79.6 Km/H90.6 Km/H-11 Km/H87.86%
Curved Aquaplaning9th3.63 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-1.08 m/sec277.07%
Snow Braking8th22.8 M21.9 M+0.9 M96.05%
Snow Traction6th3160 N3327 N-167 N94.98%
Snow Handling10th52.9 Km/H57.9 Km/H-5 Km/H91.36%
Snow Slalom10th4.43 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.56 m/sec288.78%
Noise3rd72.8 dB71.9 dB+0.9 dB98.76%
Price2nd545 350 +195 64.22%
Rolling Resistance8th7.93 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.56 kg / t80.33%
Dynamic driving behavior on dry roads, short braking distances on snow and in dry conditions, and good rolling comfort.
Understeering snow handling, limited aquaplaning safety.

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8th: Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: B/A/71
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 745.00
Dry Braking6th41.7 M40.9 M+0.8 M98.08%
Dry Handling6th93.8 Km/H94.6 Km/H-0.8 Km/H99.15%
Wet Braking3rd43.1 M41.1 M+2 M95.36%
Wet Handling3rd83.5 Km/H84.3 Km/H-0.8 Km/H99.05%
Wet Circle1st15.89 s100%
Straight Aqua1st90.6 Km/H100%
Curved Aquaplaning1st4.71 m/sec2100%
Snow Braking10th23.3 M21.9 M+1.4 M93.99%
Snow Traction10th3031 N3327 N-296 N91.1%
Snow Handling9th53.4 Km/H57.9 Km/H-4.5 Km/H92.23%
Snow Slalom8th4.55 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.44 m/sec291.18%
Noise7th73.8 dB71.9 dB+1.9 dB97.43%
Price6th745 350 +395 46.98%
Rolling Resistance2nd6.98 kg / t6.37 kg / t+0.61 kg / t91.26%
Stable wet/dry handling, short wet braking distances, excellent aquaplaning qualities.
Only satisfactory winter qualities, moderate traction, and understeering behavior on snow.

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9th: Firestone Winterhawk 4

Firestone Winterhawk 4
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: C/B/71
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 585.00
Dry Braking10th43.4 M40.9 M+2.5 M94.24%
Dry Handling10th92 Km/H94.6 Km/H-2.6 Km/H97.25%
Wet Braking8th45.2 M41.1 M+4.1 M90.93%
Wet Handling9th82.4 Km/H84.3 Km/H-1.9 Km/H97.75%
Wet Circle7th16.15 s15.89 s+0.26 s98.39%
Straight Aqua2nd89 Km/H90.6 Km/H-1.6 Km/H98.23%
Curved Aquaplaning2nd4.51 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-0.2 m/sec295.75%
Snow Braking2nd22 M21.9 M+0.1 M99.55%
Snow Traction3rd3272 N3327 N-55 N98.35%
Snow Handling1st57.9 Km/H100%
Snow Slalom1st4.99 m/sec2100%
Noise2nd72.7 dB71.9 dB+0.8 dB98.9%
Price3rd585 350 +235 59.83%
Rolling Resistance9th7.99 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.62 kg / t79.72%
Winter specialist with good aquaplaning qualities, low price level.
Strongly understeering dry handling, delayed steering response, extended wet and dry braking distances.

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10th: Superia Bluewin SUV 2

Superia Bluewin SUV 2
  • 225/60 R18 104V
  • EU Label: C/C/70
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 350.00
Dry Braking6th41.7 M40.9 M+0.8 M98.08%
Dry Handling7th93.7 Km/H94.6 Km/H-0.9 Km/H99.05%
Wet Braking10th51.6 M41.1 M+10.5 M79.65%
Wet Handling10th78.9 Km/H84.3 Km/H-5.4 Km/H93.59%
Wet Circle10th16.89 s15.89 s+1 s94.08%
Straight Aqua10th76.3 Km/H90.6 Km/H-14.3 Km/H84.22%
Curved Aquaplaning10th3.04 m/sec24.71 m/sec2-1.67 m/sec264.54%
Snow Braking9th23.1 M21.9 M+1.2 M94.81%
Snow Traction9th3070 N3327 N-257 N92.28%
Snow Handling7th55 Km/H57.9 Km/H-2.9 Km/H94.99%
Snow Slalom9th4.52 m/sec24.99 m/sec2-0.47 m/sec290.58%
Noise8th73.9 dB71.9 dB+2 dB97.29%
Price1st350 100%
Rolling Resistance3rd7.43 kg / t6.37 kg / t+1.06 kg / t85.73%
Short braking distances on dry roads, affordable price.
Only limited wet suitability, dangerously extended braking distances and mushy handling in wet conditions, and very limited aquaplaning properties.

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