2021 EVO Summer Tire Test

We're a little bit late publishing the 2021 EVO summer tire test, but as we like to  have the database on Tire Reviews as complete as possible, here's a brief summary. For the full details, including all the glorious subjective commentary, head over to the EVO website here: https://www.evo.co.uk/tire-reviews/18309/best-car-tires-evo-performance-tire-test .

For 2021 EVO magazine tested nine sets of UHP / UUHP tires in the popular 225/40 R18 size. That size in particular offers some interesting issues as companies like Bridgestone and Goodyear offer their UUHP products in that size, but companies like Continental and Michelin do not.  

Dry BrakingBridgestone Potenza Sport: 33.9 MTriangle SporteX TH201: 41.2 M
Dry HandlingGoodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport: 66.1 sTriangle SporteX TH201: 69 s
Subj. Dry HandlingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 57 PointsTriangle SporteX TH201: 46 Points
Wet BrakingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 27 MTriangle SporteX TH201: 42.9 M
Wet HandlingPirelli P Zero PZ4: 66.3 sTriangle SporteX TH201: 73.4 s
Subj. Wet HandlingGoodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport: 60 PointsTriangle SporteX TH201: 36 Points
Wet CirclePirelli P Zero PZ4: 14.9 sTriangle SporteX TH201: 17.7 s
Straight AquaGT-Radial SportActive 2: 73.2 Km/HHankook Ventus S1 evo 3: 65.2 Km/H
Curved AquaplaningGT-Radial SportActive 2: 21.1 m/sec2Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3: 12 m/sec2
Rolling ResistanceHankook Ventus S1 evo 3: 8.4 kg / tPirelli P Zero PZ4: 9.9 kg / t

The test was conducted using an Audi S3 which has a haldex type based four wheel drive system, which is fairly uncommon in tire testing. EVO spend a lot of time rating the subjective handling, noise and comfort of  the tires on the road and track, which means they put more score weighting on subjective data than any other publication. This makes the results really interesting for those of us who enjoy driving.

Notes from the Test

Some interesting notes from the test compared to Tire Reviews experience with the tires.

  • EVO found the Continental PremiumContact 6 slow to steer, and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 dynamic on the road route. We've had both of these tires in this size on the Tire Reviews Octavia VRS and in many tests and have found the opposite. We can't explain this one.
  • EVO found the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport to be excellent in the wet, one of the fastest overall. The tire was mid pack in wet braking which is similar to Tire Reviews tests, so maybe the AWD system and the excellent subjective nature helped this tire perform.
  • The GT Radial performed very well for the price point, finishing relatively close to the Pilot Sport 4!
  • The Pirelli P Zero PZ4 performed well again, which we found in our 2021 UHP test, but this time it won overall! The Pirelli shone dynamically, which is important for driving enthusiasts.

Below is the key data from the test, we haven't databased the road route subjective scores, so be sure to read those on the EVO website!





View Results as a single table and adjust the score weighting

1st: Pirelli P Zero PZ4

Pirelli P Zero PZ4
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking2nd+0.4 M98.83%
Dry Handling6th+1.1 s98.36%
Subj. Dry Handling1st100%
Wet Braking1st100%
Wet Handling1st100%
Subj. Wet Handling2nd-2.5 Points95.83%
Wet Circle1st100%
Straight Aqua7th-6.9 Km/H90.57%
Curved Aquaplaning5th-3.8 m/sec281.99%
Rolling Resistance9th+1.5 kg / t84.85%
The PZ4 is a tire that offers (almost) everything, being top ranked subjectively in the dry and wet and offering excellent grip.

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2nd: Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking4th+0.9 M97.41%
Dry Handling1st100%
Subj. Dry Handling2nd-0.5 Points99.12%
Wet Braking5th+3.4 M88.82%
Wet Handling2nd+0.3 s99.55%
Subj. Wet Handling1st100%
Wet Circle3rd+0.3 s98.03%
Straight Aqua4th-4.1 Km/H94.4%
Curved Aquaplaning6th-5.3 m/sec274.88%
Rolling Resistance8th+1.3 kg / t86.6%
The Eagle F1 SuperSport was excellent in both wet and dry handling with good steering and high levels of grip. A bit noisy on some surfaces but an outstanding performance tire.

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3rd: Bridgestone Potenza Sport

Bridgestone Potenza Sport
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking1st100%
Dry Handling4th+0.9 s98.66%
Subj. Dry Handling4th-7.5 Points86.84%
Wet Braking2nd+1.3 M95.41%
Wet Handling2nd+0.3 s99.55%
Subj. Wet Handling3rd-3 Points95%
Wet Circle2nd+0.1 s99.33%
Straight Aqua3rd-3.5 Km/H95.22%
Curved Aquaplaning3rd-2.4 m/sec288.63%
Rolling Resistance7th+1.1 kg / t88.42%
The Potenza Sport finished in the top 3 places in most grip tests and was solid in the wet and dry. The ride quality was firm and there was higher levels of noise in the cabin.

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4th: Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2

Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking7th+2.8 M92.37%
Dry Handling2nd+0.7 s98.95%
Subj. Dry Handling3rd-7 Points87.72%
Wet Braking8th+5.3 M83.59%
Wet Handling5th+1.5 s97.79%
Subj. Wet Handling3rd-3 Points95%
Wet Circle5th+0.5 s96.75%
Straight Aqua1st100%
Curved Aquaplaning2nd-0.6 m/sec297.16%
Rolling Resistance6th+0.7 kg / t92.31%
The RT2 had excellent aquaplaning resistance, was agile in the dry and was great on the road route with balanced steering and good comfort.

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5th: Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking3rd+0.6 M98.26%
Dry Handling2nd+0.7 s98.95%
Subj. Dry Handling4th-7.5 Points86.84%
Wet Braking3rd+2.2 M92.47%
Wet Handling6th+1.8 s97.36%
Subj. Wet Handling6th-5.5 Points90.83%
Wet Circle4th+0.4 s97.39%
Straight Aqua5th-6 Km/H91.8%
Curved Aquaplaning4th-3.4 m/sec283.89%
Rolling Resistance2nd+0.1 kg / t98.82%
The PS4 had direct steering and a good balance, but the detail sometimes lacked. A solid performer but not inspiring.

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6th: GT Radial SportActive 2

GT-Radial SportActive 2
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking8th+4 M89.45%
Dry Handling7th+1.8 s97.35%
Subj. Dry Handling6th-8 Points85.96%
Wet Braking7th+5.1 M84.11%
Wet Handling4th+1.1 s98.37%
Subj. Wet Handling5th-5 Points91.67%
Wet Circle6th+0.7 s95.51%
Straight Aqua1st100%
Curved Aquaplaning1st100%
Rolling Resistance4th+0.3 kg / t96.55%
The SportActive 2 had very high aquaplaning resistance and performed well during wet handling. It was less dynamic in the dry but it scored well on the road route for the good combination of steering and ride quality. A good tire.

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7th: Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3

Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking5th+1.9 M94.69%
Dry Handling8th+1.9 s97.21%
Subj. Dry Handling7th-8.5 Points85.09%
Wet Braking4th+3.3 M89.11%
Wet Handling7th+2.9 s95.81%
Subj. Wet Handling7th-7 Points88.33%
Wet Circle8th+1 s93.71%
Straight Aqua9th-8 Km/H89.07%
Curved Aquaplaning9th-9.1 m/sec256.87%
Rolling Resistance1st100%
The S1 Evo 3 (K127) was strong in wet and dry braking but struggled in the aquaplaning tests and never shone on track. It did offer a fair compromise on the road.

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8th: Continental Premium Contact 6

Continental Premium Contact 6
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking6th+2 M94.43%
Dry Handling5th+1 s98.51%
Subj. Dry Handling8th-10.5 Points81.58%
Wet Braking6th+3.6 M88.24%
Wet Handling8th+6 s91.7%
Subj. Wet Handling8th-12.5 Points79.17%
Wet Circle7th+0.9 s94.3%
Straight Aqua5th-6 Km/H91.8%
Curved Aquaplaning6th-5.3 m/sec274.88%
Rolling Resistance3rd+0.2 kg / t97.67%
The PremiumContact 6 felt a lot like a comfort biased tire, very refined and comfortable but at the expense of dynamic sharpness.

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9th: Triangle SporteX TH201

Triangle SporteX TH201
  • 225/40 R18
Dry Braking9th+7.3 M82.28%
Dry Handling9th+2.9 s95.8%
Subj. Dry Handling9th-11 Points80.7%
Wet Braking9th+15.9 M62.94%
Wet Handling9th+7.1 s90.33%
Subj. Wet Handling9th-24 Points60%
Wet Circle9th+2.8 s84.18%
Straight Aqua8th-7.1 Km/H90.3%
Curved Aquaplaning6th-5.3 m/sec274.88%
Rolling Resistance5th+0.5 kg / t94.38%
The Sportex TH201 might be well priced but if you fit this after a good tire your car will feel worse. It also had long wet braking.

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