2020 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tire Test

Dry BrakingMichelin CrossClimate Plus: 39.8 MToyo Celsius: 44.5 M
Dry HandlingVredestein Quatrac: 102.3 Km/HNankang Cross Seasons AW6: 99.8 Km/H
Wet BrakingHankook Kinergy 4S2: 51.9 MNankang Cross Seasons AW6: 68.7 M
Wet HandlingVredestein Quatrac: 63.3 Km/HNokian SeasonProof: 59.3 Km/H
Straight AquaKumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV: 83.7 Km/HNankang Cross Seasons AW6: 68.2 Km/H
Snow BrakingContinental AllSeasonContact: 23.1 MKumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV: 25.7 M
Snow TractionGoodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3: 3460 NKumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV: 3263 N
Snow HandlingContinental AllSeasonContact: 44.9 Km/HKumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV: 41.3 Km/H
NoiseNankang Cross Seasons AW6: 67 dBFalken EUROALL SEASON AS210: 69.3 dB
PriceNankang Cross Seasons AW6: 305 Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3: 575
Rolling ResistanceBridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO: 6.85 kg / tToyo Celsius: 9.29 kg / t
The 2020 Auto Bild crossover SUV all season tire test has tested 11 of the best all season tires in the rather small 215/60 R16 tire size, using a VW T-Roc. 

Auto Bild have also included a reference summer and winter tire, so we can see the difference performances between the three tire types, but sadly haven't shared which tires were used as the reference tires.

The top five tires on test from Hankook, Vredestein, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin all achieve the Auto Bild "vorbildlich" (exemplary) award, with Hankook and Vredestein finishing joint first.

Read on below for the key data from the test, and make sure you visit AutoBild.de for the full results.



In the dry braking testing, the summer tire had a clear advantage, with the dry-optimised Michelin CrossClimate+ leading the way for the all season tires.

Dry handling was led by the new Vredestein Quatrac, which posted a faster laptime than even the summer tire!


Hankook led the wet braking test, with the Kinergy 4S2 beating the often winning Bridgestone A005 EVO.

Hankook continued its excellent wet performance during the wet handling lap, finishing joint first with Vredestein.

While the Kumho didn't perform that well in the shallow water testing, it had a big advantage during straight aquaplaning testing.


The winter tire had a small braking advantage during snow braking testing.

Six of the all season tires had a higher pulling force in the snow traction test.

The winter tire reclaimed its top spot in the snow handling testing, while the Continental had a clear grip advantage over the rest of the all season tires.


As usual, the Bridgestone proved to have the lowest rolling resistance on test, with the summer tire performing unusually poorly.

The Nankang was the only all season tire to measure a lower external dB rating than the summer tire.

While the Nankang was the cheapest tire on test, the Hankook offered an excellent blend of price / performance.


1st: Hankook Kinergy 4S2

Hankook Kinergy 4S2
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/B/72
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking4th41.6 M39.8 M+1.8 M95.67%
Dry Handling4th101.5 Km/H102.3 Km/H-0.8 Km/H99.22%
Wet Braking1st51.9 M100%
Wet Handling1st63.3 Km/H100%
Straight Aqua4th79 Km/H83.7 Km/H-4.7 Km/H94.38%
Snow Braking4th23.8 M23.1 M+0.7 M97.06%
Snow Traction6th3395 N3460 N-65 N98.12%
Snow Handling4th43.6 Km/H44.9 Km/H-1.3 Km/H97.1%
Noise5th67.4 dB67 dB+0.4 dB99.41%
Price5th395 305 +90 77.22%
Rolling Resistance6th7.42 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.57 kg / t92.32%
The 4S2 has an all round ability with excellent driving characteristics in all weather conditions, dynamic handling, good steering, short snow and wet braking distances, low price.

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1st: Vredestein Quatrac

Vredestein Quatrac
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/B/71
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking2nd40.2 M39.8 M+0.4 M99%
Dry Handling1st102.3 Km/H100%
Wet Braking7th57.5 M51.9 M+5.6 M90.26%
Wet Handling1st63.3 Km/H100%
Straight Aqua6th77.6 Km/H83.7 Km/H-6.1 Km/H92.71%
Snow Braking6th24 M23.1 M+0.9 M96.25%
Snow Traction7th3363 N3460 N-97 N97.2%
Snow Handling4th43.6 Km/H44.9 Km/H-1.3 Km/H97.1%
Noise6th67.7 dB67 dB+0.7 dB98.97%
Price6th455 305 +150 67.03%
Rolling Resistance2nd6.92 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.07 kg / t98.99%
Exemplary all season tire with impressive qualities on snow and ice, high aquaplaning resistance, precise wet and dry handling, short dry braking, low rolling resistance.

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3rd: Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO

Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/A/71
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking3rd41.2 M39.8 M+1.4 M96.6%
Dry Handling3rd101.7 Km/H102.3 Km/H-0.6 Km/H99.41%
Wet Braking2nd52.1 M51.9 M+0.2 M99.62%
Wet Handling3rd63.1 Km/H63.3 Km/H-0.2 Km/H99.68%
Straight Aqua8th74.7 Km/H83.7 Km/H-9 Km/H89.25%
Snow Braking10th24.7 M23.1 M+1.6 M93.52%
Snow Traction10th3293 N3460 N-167 N95.17%
Snow Handling10th42.5 Km/H44.9 Km/H-2.4 Km/H94.65%
Noise8th68.7 dB67 dB+1.7 dB97.53%
Price7th490 305 +185 62.24%
Rolling Resistance1st6.85 kg / t100%
Balanced all rounder with best driving characteristics in the dry and wet, good winter qualities, dynamic handling in the wet and dry, short wet braking, low rolling resistance.

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3rd: Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/B/71
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking5th42.3 M39.8 M+2.5 M94.09%
Dry Handling2nd102.1 Km/H102.3 Km/H-0.2 Km/H99.8%
Wet Braking4th54.9 M51.9 M+3 M94.54%
Wet Handling4th62.8 Km/H63.3 Km/H-0.5 Km/H99.21%
Straight Aqua3rd79.2 Km/H83.7 Km/H-4.5 Km/H94.62%
Snow Braking8th24.3 M23.1 M+1.2 M95.06%
Snow Traction1st3460 N100%
Snow Handling2nd44.1 Km/H44.9 Km/H-0.8 Km/H98.22%
Noise6th67.7 dB67 dB+0.7 dB98.97%
Price11th575 305 +270 53.04%
Rolling Resistance7th7.64 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.79 kg / t89.66%
New all season tire with the best snow qualities, high aquaplaning resistance, stable wet and dry handling with good steering feel.
Increased price.

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5th: Michelin CrossClimate+

Michelin CrossClimate Plus
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: B/B/69
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking1st39.8 M100%
Dry Handling4th101.5 Km/H102.3 Km/H-0.8 Km/H99.22%
Wet Braking3rd54.2 M51.9 M+2.3 M95.76%
Wet Handling7th61.4 Km/H63.3 Km/H-1.9 Km/H97%
Straight Aqua7th76.2 Km/H83.7 Km/H-7.5 Km/H91.04%
Snow Braking9th24.5 M23.1 M+1.4 M94.29%
Snow Traction2nd3450 N3460 N-10 N99.71%
Snow Handling8th43.4 Km/H44.9 Km/H-1.5 Km/H96.66%
Noise3rd67.3 dB67 dB+0.3 dB99.55%
Price10th550 305 +245 55.45%
Rolling Resistance5th7.36 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.51 kg / t93.07%
Proven all season pattern with balance high performances, good snow traction, stable handling with good steering precision, short wet braking.
Minor weakness in curved aquaplaning.

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6th: Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210

  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/B/70
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking6th42.4 M39.8 M+2.6 M93.87%
Dry Handling6th101.4 Km/H102.3 Km/H-0.9 Km/H99.12%
Wet Braking6th56.4 M51.9 M+4.5 M92.02%
Wet Handling6th62 Km/H63.3 Km/H-1.3 Km/H97.95%
Straight Aqua2nd79.5 Km/H83.7 Km/H-4.2 Km/H94.98%
Snow Braking7th24.1 M23.1 M+1 M95.85%
Snow Traction8th3347 N3460 N-113 N96.73%
Snow Handling7th43.5 Km/H44.9 Km/H-1.4 Km/H96.88%
Noise11th69.3 dB67 dB+2.3 dB96.68%
Price4th375 305 +70 81.33%
Rolling Resistance10th8.43 kg / t6.85 kg / t+1.58 kg / t81.26%
All round talent with good driving characteristics in all weather conditions, harmonious steering, short snow braking distances, low price.
Average comfort, increased rolling resistance.

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7th: Continental AllSeasonContact

Continental AllSeasonContact
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: B/B/72
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking9th44.1 M39.8 M+4.3 M90.25%
Dry Handling8th100.7 Km/H102.3 Km/H-1.6 Km/H98.44%
Wet Braking5th56.1 M51.9 M+4.2 M92.51%
Wet Handling5th62.6 Km/H63.3 Km/H-0.7 Km/H98.89%
Straight Aqua9th74.3 Km/H83.7 Km/H-9.4 Km/H88.77%
Snow Braking1st23.1 M100%
Snow Traction3rd3445 N3460 N-15 N99.57%
Snow Handling1st44.9 Km/H100%
Noise3rd67.3 dB67 dB+0.3 dB99.55%
Price9th535 305 +230 57.01%
Rolling Resistance3rd7.11 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.26 kg / t96.34%
Winter specialist with dynamic and sporty handling on snow and in the wet, low rolling resistance.
Long braking distances in the dry, high price.

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8th: Nokian SeasonProof

Nokian SeasonProof
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/B/69
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking8th42.9 M39.8 M+3.1 M92.77%
Dry Handling10th100.3 Km/H102.3 Km/H-2 Km/H98.04%
Wet Braking10th64.5 M51.9 M+12.6 M80.47%
Wet Handling11th59.3 Km/H63.3 Km/H-4 Km/H93.68%
Straight Aqua5th78.3 Km/H83.7 Km/H-5.4 Km/H93.55%
Snow Braking2nd23.5 M23.1 M+0.4 M98.3%
Snow Traction4th3420 N3460 N-40 N98.84%
Snow Handling3rd43.7 Km/H44.9 Km/H-1.2 Km/H97.33%
Noise2nd67.1 dB67 dB+0.1 dB99.85%
Price8th505 305 +200 60.4%
Rolling Resistance4th7.29 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.44 kg / t93.96%
Best snow qualities, good aquaplaning properties, low rolling resistance, good comfort levels.
Long dry and wet braking distances, understeer handling balance.

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9th: Kumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV

Kumho Solus 4S HA31 SUV
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/B/72
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking7th42.6 M39.8 M+2.8 M93.43%
Dry Handling7th101 Km/H102.3 Km/H-1.3 Km/H98.73%
Wet Braking8th58.2 M51.9 M+6.3 M89.18%
Wet Handling8th60.6 Km/H63.3 Km/H-2.7 Km/H95.73%
Straight Aqua1st83.7 Km/H100%
Snow Braking11th25.7 M23.1 M+2.6 M89.88%
Snow Traction11th3263 N3460 N-197 N94.31%
Snow Handling11th41.3 Km/H44.9 Km/H-3.6 Km/H91.98%
Noise10th69.1 dB67 dB+2.1 dB96.96%
Price2nd325 305 +20 93.85%
Rolling Resistance9th8.36 kg / t6.85 kg / t+1.51 kg / t81.94%
Good aquaplaning resistance, stable dry handling.
Average snow performance, understeer in the wet, high rolling resistance.

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10th: Toyo Celsius

Toyo Celsius
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: E/C/70
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking11th44.5 M39.8 M+4.7 M89.44%
Dry Handling9th100.4 Km/H102.3 Km/H-1.9 Km/H98.14%
Wet Braking9th60.6 M51.9 M+8.7 M85.64%
Wet Handling10th59.7 Km/H63.3 Km/H-3.6 Km/H94.31%
Straight Aqua10th69.3 Km/H83.7 Km/H-14.4 Km/H82.8%
Snow Braking3rd23.7 M23.1 M+0.6 M97.47%
Snow Traction9th3294 N3460 N-166 N95.2%
Snow Handling9th42.6 Km/H44.9 Km/H-2.3 Km/H94.88%
Noise8th68.7 dB67 dB+1.7 dB97.53%
Price3rd340 305 +35 89.71%
Rolling Resistance11th9.29 kg / t6.85 kg / t+2.44 kg / t73.74%
Short snow braking distances, stable dry handling, low price.
Average aquaplaning resistance, long wet and dry braking, understeer in the wet.

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11th: Nankang Cross Seasons AW6

Nankang Cross Seasons AW6
  • 215/60 R16 99V
  • EU Label: C/C/72
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking10th44.4 M39.8 M+4.6 M89.64%
Dry Handling11th99.8 Km/H102.3 Km/H-2.5 Km/H97.56%
Wet Braking11th68.7 M51.9 M+16.8 M75.55%
Wet Handling9th60.3 Km/H63.3 Km/H-3 Km/H95.26%
Straight Aqua11th68.2 Km/H83.7 Km/H-15.5 Km/H81.48%
Snow Braking4th23.8 M23.1 M+0.7 M97.06%
Snow Traction5th3415 N3460 N-45 N98.7%
Snow Handling4th43.6 Km/H44.9 Km/H-1.3 Km/H97.1%
Noise1st67 dB100%
Price1st305 100%
Rolling Resistance8th7.67 kg / t6.85 kg / t+0.82 kg / t89.31%
Very good winter properties, well priced.
Limited grip in the wet, slow steering, understeer in the wet and dry, dangerously long wet braking distances.

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