2023 Best SUV Tires Tested

Sadly Tire Reviews isn't performing an SUV summer tire test this year, but luckily the German publication AutoBild once again have us covered if you want to know what the best tire is for your SUV!

This year AutoBild tested twelve SUV tires for the crossover SUV segment in the 225/65 R17 tire size.

As usual, all the tires were tested in the dry and wet, and had their rolling resistance and noise / comfort levels graded, but as this category of tire is also intended for some "light off-roading" they tested the twelve SUV tires in mud, sand, dirt and even on wet grass! This means this really is the best test this year you show you what the best tire is for your SUV!

There's a LOT of data from this test, so we won't preface anymore - This is how the best twelve SUV tires fared in the dry, wet, gravel, mud, dirt and sand!

Dry BrakingPirelli CINTURATO P7: 34.6 MAplus A919: 40.3 M
Dry HandlingMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 103.3 Km/HAplus A919: 097.4 Km/H
Wet BrakingMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 49.9 MAplus A919: 63.6 M
Wet HandlingMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 86.8 Km/HAplus A919: 82.5 Km/H
Wet CircleMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 14.41 sAplus A919: 15.23 s
Straight AquaMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 95.9 Km/HCooper Zeon 4XS Sport: 83.8 Km/H
Curved AquaplaningMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 2.95 m/sec2Aplus A919: 2.35 m/sec2
Gravel TractionMichelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 8265 NPirelli CINTURATO P7: 7140 N
Dirt HandlingPirelli CINTURATO P7: 66.6 Km/HToyo Proxes Comfort: 65.1 Km/H
Sand TractionGeneral Grabber GT Plus: 8886 NCooper Zeon 4XS Sport: 7230 N
Grass TractionAplus A919: 2924 NBridgestone Turanza 6: 2289 N
Mud TractionAplus A919: 3261 NPirelli CINTURATO P7: 2337 N
NoiseGoodyear EfficientGrip 2 SUV: 67.3 dBCooper Zeon 4XS Sport: 70.4 dB
PriceAplus A919: 300 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV: 610
Rolling ResistanceBridgestone Turanza 6: 7.42 kg / tAplus A919: 9.56 kg / t


Wet braking was led by the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV. The Michelin looks a little out of place in this test, the Pilot Sport 4 SUV is an ultra high performance summer tire, and all the other tires in the test are more touring / comfort bias tires. Perhaps the Michelin Primacy 4 would have been a better match for the test, but this does give us an excellent insight into the differences between the two categories of tires.

It should come as no surprise that the Aplus A919 in last place was the cheapest tire on test, but it might be a surprise that the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport also struggled to stop the car.

The Michelin was also the fastest around the wet handling lap, beating the new Bridgestone Turanza 6.

The Michelin also had the best straight aquaplaning resistance, significantly ahead of all the tires bar the Uniroyal RainSport 5, which usually wins the deep water tests!


The Pirelli Cinturato P7 managed to beat the Michelin to be best in dry braking, with the Aplus once again trailing the field buy a significant margin.

The more comfort bias Pirelli couldn't hold off the more sporty Michelin during the dry handling test.

Off Road

The dirt handling course was led by Pirelli, with the new Hankook Ventus Prime 4 a close second! 

The next three data points are gravel, sand and mud traction tests, measured as a pulling force. It's important to note that offroad testing is some of the hardest testing in the world, none more so than mud, so worry less about the precise order and more about general trends.

These general trends are that the budget Aplus might not be able to grip on wet roads, but is great on wet grass and in mud but not sand. The General Grabber GT Plus was best in sand but poor on grass... it seems even general trends are difficult with offroad testing!


External noise is a much easier test, and the Goodyear EfficientGrip 2 SUV proved to be the quietest tire of the group by a huge margin!

The new Bridgestone Turanza 6 continued Bridgestones excellent performance in the rolling resistance tests, leading the Hankook and Uniroyal.

The Aplus was the cheapest tire on test, but this time the Michelin wasn't the most expensive tire of the group, it was the joint most expensive with Goodyear!


View Results as a single table and adjust the score weighting

1st: Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV
  • 225/65 R17 106V
  • EU Label: C/A/72
Dry Braking2nd+0.6 M98.3%
Dry Handling1st100%
Wet Braking1st100%
Wet Handling1st100%
Wet Circle1st100%
Straight Aqua1st100%
Curved Aquaplaning1st100%
Gravel Traction1st100%
Dirt Handling7th-0.6 Km/H99.1%
Sand Traction10th-1142 N87.15%
Grass Traction5th-450 N84.61%
Mud Traction3rd-239 N92.67%
Noise3rd+1.6 dB97.68%
Price11th+310 49.18%
Rolling Resistance8th+1.02 kg / t87.91%
Test winner with top driving characteristics on wet and dry roads, exemplary safety reserves in aquaplaning, precise steering behavior, good off-road capability, good comfort.
None mentioned.

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2nd: Bridgestone Turanza 6

Bridgestone Turanza 6
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: B/A/69
Dry Braking8th+2 M94.54%
Dry Handling3rd-0.9 Km/H99.13%
Wet Braking6th+3.1 M94.15%
Wet Handling2nd-0.4 Km/H99.54%
Wet Circle3rd+0.17 s98.83%
Straight Aqua6th-6.9 Km/H92.81%
Curved Aquaplaning6th-0.19 m/sec293.56%
Gravel Traction2nd-11 N99.87%
Dirt Handling9th-0.9 Km/H98.65%
Sand Traction4th-540 N93.92%
Grass Traction12th-635 N78.28%
Mud Traction4th-331 N89.85%
Noise7th+2.1 dB96.97%
Price9th+270 52.63%
Rolling Resistance1st100%
A new tire with well-balanced performance potential, top performance on wet and dry roads, good off-road qualities, safe aquaplaning properties, fuel-saving rolling resistance.
None mentioned.

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3rd: Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun

Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun
  • 225/65 R17 106H
  • EU Label: C/A/69
Dry Braking6th+1.6 M95.58%
Dry Handling8th-2.9 Km/H97.19%
Wet Braking5th+3 M94.33%
Wet Handling8th-2 Km/H97.7%
Wet Circle11th+0.6 s96%
Straight Aqua3rd-4.9 Km/H94.89%
Curved Aquaplaning4th-0.07 m/sec297.63%
Gravel Traction4th-125 N98.49%
Dirt Handling3rd-0.2 Km/H99.7%
Sand Traction2nd-464 N94.78%
Grass Traction7th-480 N83.58%
Mud Traction7th-391 N88.01%
Noise8th+2.3 dB96.7%
Price5th+165 64.52%
Rolling Resistance10th+1.17 kg / t86.38%
Good off-road qualities, dynamic off-road handling, good aquaplaning reserves, safe dry handling, short wet braking distances.
Average wet cornering grip.

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4th: Goodyear EfficientGrip 2 SUV

Goodyear EfficientGrip 2 SUV
  • 225/65 R17 106V
  • EU Label: C/A/71
Dry Braking7th+1.9 M94.79%
Dry Handling6th-2.8 Km/H97.29%
Wet Braking2nd+2.2 M95.78%
Wet Handling6th-1.6 Km/H98.16%
Wet Circle6th+0.33 s97.76%
Straight Aqua5th-5.7 Km/H94.06%
Curved Aquaplaning5th-0.12 m/sec295.93%
Gravel Traction7th-394 N95.23%
Dirt Handling6th-0.5 Km/H99.25%
Sand Traction6th-784 N91.18%
Grass Traction4th-419 N85.67%
Mud Traction4th-331 N89.85%
Price11th+310 49.18%
Rolling Resistance9th+1.07 kg / t87.4%
Premium profile with well-balanced, safe driving characteristics, good aquaplaning resistance, short wet braking distances, good off-road capability, good comfort.
Slightly higher price level.

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5th: Hankook Ventus Prime 4

Hankook Ventus Prime 4
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: B/A/69
Dry Braking4th+0.9 M97.46%
Dry Handling6th-2.8 Km/H97.29%
Wet Braking4th+2.7 M94.87%
Wet Handling5th-1.4 Km/H98.39%
Wet Circle5th+0.31 s97.89%
Straight Aqua10th-9.7 Km/H89.89%
Curved Aquaplaning8th-0.38 m/sec287.12%
Gravel Traction8th-469 N94.33%
Dirt Handling2nd-0.1 Km/H99.85%
Sand Traction5th-582 N93.45%
Grass Traction8th-489 N83.28%
Mud Traction8th-458 N85.96%
Noise11th+2.9 dB95.87%
Price7th+185 61.86%
Rolling Resistance2nd+0.21 kg / t97.25%
Good off-road qualities, balanced wet and dry handling, sporty steering behavior, short wet braking distances, fuel-saving rolling resistance.
Moderate aquaplaning resistance.

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6th: Pirelli CINTURATO P7

  • 225/65 R17 106V
  • EU Label: C/A/70
Dry Braking1st100%
Dry Handling2nd-0.6 Km/H99.42%
Wet Braking3rd+2.3 M95.59%
Wet Handling3rd-1.1 Km/H98.73%
Wet Circle2nd+0.05 s99.65%
Straight Aqua4th-5 Km/H94.79%
Curved Aquaplaning3rd-0.04 m/sec298.64%
Gravel Traction12th-1125 N86.39%
Dirt Handling1st100%
Sand Traction9th-888 N90.01%
Grass Traction10th-527 N81.98%
Mud Traction12th-924 N71.67%
Noise9th+2.8 dB96.01%
Price10th+290 50.85%
Rolling Resistance7th+0.93 kg / t88.86%
Sporty, dynamic handling with short braking distances on wet and dry roads, good aquaplaning reserves, agile off-road handling.
Average mud and gravel traction.

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7th: Uniroyal RainExpert 5

Uniroyal RainExpert 5
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: C/A/71
Dry Braking11th+3.3 M91.29%
Dry Handling11th-5.4 Km/H94.77%
Wet Braking8th+3.9 M92.75%
Wet Handling7th-1.8 Km/H97.93%
Wet Circle9th+0.42 s97.17%
Straight Aqua2nd-1.4 Km/H98.54%
Curved Aquaplaning2nd-0.02 m/sec299.32%
Gravel Traction5th-161 N98.05%
Dirt Handling4th-0.4 Km/H99.4%
Sand Traction3rd-488 N94.51%
Grass Traction2nd-255 N91.28%
Mud Traction2nd-57 N98.25%
Noise5th+2 dB97.11%
Price6th+175 63.16%
Rolling Resistance3rd+0.25 kg / t96.74%
Top performance offroad, very good safety aquaplaning resistance, well-balanced wet qualities, low rolling resistance, fair price.
Moderate grip in the dry.

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8th: Toyo Proxes Comfort

Toyo Proxes Comfort
  • 225/65 R17 106V
  • EU Label: C/A/70
Dry Braking5th+1.1 M96.92%
Dry Handling5th-1.6 Km/H98.45%
Wet Braking9th+4.8 M91.22%
Wet Handling4th-1.3 Km/H98.5%
Wet Circle4th+0.23 s98.43%
Straight Aqua9th-8.8 Km/H90.82%
Curved Aquaplaning9th-0.39 m/sec286.78%
Gravel Traction10th-742 N91.02%
Dirt Handling12th-1.5 Km/H97.75%
Sand Traction11th-1479 N83.36%
Grass Traction3rd-335 N88.54%
Mud Traction11th-739 N77.34%
Noise5th+2 dB97.11%
Price4th+130 69.77%
Rolling Resistance5th+0.74 kg / t90.93%
Balanced safe handling on wet and dry roads, short dry braking distances, low rolling resistance, low price.
Average aquaplaning performance, average offroad performance.

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9th: General Grabber GT+

General Grabber GT Plus
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: C/A/71
Dry Braking10th+2.6 M93.01%
Dry Handling10th-4.9 Km/H95.26%
Wet Braking10th+5.1 M90.73%
Wet Handling10th-2.5 Km/H97.12%
Wet Circle10th+0.49 s96.71%
Straight Aqua7th-8.1 Km/H91.55%
Curved Aquaplaning10th-0.47 m/sec284.07%
Gravel Traction9th-513 N93.79%
Dirt Handling8th-0.7 Km/H98.95%
Sand Traction1st100%
Grass Traction9th-509 N82.59%
Mud Traction4th-331 N89.85%
Noise4th+1.8 dB97.4%
Price8th+210 58.82%
Rolling Resistance4th+0.36 kg / t95.37%
Strengths Well-balanced off-road qualities, strong off-road traction, low rolling resistance.
Understeering handling on wet and dry roads, slightly longer dry braking distances.

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10th: Nexen N Fera Sport SUV

Nexen N Fera Sport SUV
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: D/A/71
Dry Braking3rd+0.7 M98.02%
Dry Handling9th-3.4 Km/H96.71%
Wet Braking7th+3.7 M93.1%
Wet Handling9th-2.4 Km/H97.24%
Wet Circle8th+0.38 s97.43%
Straight Aqua7th-8.1 Km/H91.55%
Curved Aquaplaning7th-0.31 m/sec289.49%
Gravel Traction11th-766 N90.73%
Dirt Handling11th-1.3 Km/H98.05%
Sand Traction6th-784 N91.18%
Grass Traction6th-470 N83.93%
Mud Traction9th-514 N84.24%
Noise2nd+1 dB98.54%
Price2nd+50 85.71%
Rolling Resistance10th+1.17 kg / t86.38%
Short wet and dry braking distances, good traction on sand and grass, low price level.
Delayed steering response with significantly understeering handling on wet and dry roads.

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11th: Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport

Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: C/A/70
Dry Braking9th+2.5 M93.26%
Dry Handling4th-1.3 Km/H98.74%
Wet Braking11th+11.2 M81.67%
Wet Handling11th-2.8 Km/H96.77%
Wet Circle7th+0.36 s97.56%
Straight Aqua12th-12.1 Km/H87.38%
Curved Aquaplaning11th-0.54 m/sec281.69%
Gravel Traction3rd-26 N99.69%
Dirt Handling10th-1 Km/H98.5%
Sand Traction12th-1656 N81.36%
Grass Traction11th-592 N79.75%
Mud Traction10th-688 N78.9%
Noise12th+3.1 dB95.6%
Price3rd+120 71.43%
Rolling Resistance6th+0.92 kg / t88.97%
Dynamic dry handling, good traction on gravel, lower rolling resistance.
Moderate grip on wet roads, significantly longer wet braking distances, limited protection against aquaplaning.
Conditionally recommended.

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12th: Aplus A919

Aplus A919
  • 225/65 R17 102H
  • EU Label: E/C/71
Dry Braking12th+5.7 M85.86%
Dry Handling12th-5.9 Km/H94.29%
Wet Braking12th+13.7 M78.46%
Wet Handling12th-4.3 Km/H95.05%
Wet Circle12th+0.82 s94.62%
Straight Aqua11th-12 Km/H87.49%
Curved Aquaplaning12th-0.6 m/sec279.66%
Gravel Traction6th-197 N97.62%
Dirt Handling4th-0.4 Km/H99.4%
Sand Traction8th-874 N90.16%
Grass Traction1st100%
Mud Traction1st100%
Noise9th+2.8 dB96.01%
Rolling Resistance12th+2.14 kg / t77.62%
Good off-road qualities, low price.
Severely limited safety reserves in the wet and aquaplaning, dangerously long wet and dry braking distances, significantly increased rolling resistance.
Not recommended.

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