Nokian zLine AS

The Nokian zLine AS is a Ultra High Performance All Season tire designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Dry Grip 93%
Wet Grip 97%
Road Feedback 90%
Handling 90%
Wear 83%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 93%
Snow Grip 70%
Ice Grip 60%

Tire review data from 3 tire reviews averaging 84% over 16,500 miles driven.

The zLine AS is ranked 4th of 23 All Season Ultra High Performance tires.

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2018-11-18 - Why they are not selling to Europe this tires?

The European and North American tire markets are quite different. The European Nokian all season tire is the Weatherproof, which is far better in snow and ice than the zLine AS

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Top 3 Nokian zLine AS Reviews

Given 80% while driving a BMW 740i (235/55 R17) on a combination of roads for 15,000 spirited miles
I have been very impressed with these tires on my 1997 BMW 740i. I drive it very hard and often way too fast but never have they caused me and concern. I replaced an older but almost new set of Bridgestone touring tires and these were better in every way I could imagine. They are very predictable on hard cornering and have the high XL road rating my large and heavy car needs. If there was a concern that surprised me it is that the tires did not handle as well as I had expected of Nokian in snow and ice conditions. While I usually use dedicated snow tires, I tend to leave a change out until there is more consistant winter weather. I had heard that Nokian tires were particularly good in snow and wet. I find that in the wet they do perform well but in snow and ice they are only average. I would not call them spectatcular like I do in dry conditions. They are not bad in any way but I only rated them a 6/10 in ice because I was no longer able to risk spirited driving and had to tone it down a bit. I would definitely buy these again for this tire with no reservations and I have never had as good a tire on my car. A final note is that I choose the All season over summer only tires for two reasons. The first is that I tend to run into winter conditions before changing tires and secondly I was told the treadwear rating of the summer was on the order of 40-50,000 km where the All seasons was 65-75,000 seasons. Quite a difference in life span and worth the extra weather coverage
Helpful 33 - tire reviewed on April 9, 2022
Given 90% while driving a Volkswagen 1.8 20vT Sport (205/50 R16 V) on mostly town for 1,000 average miles
Very good tire for the price. Good grip in summer and not bad in the snow despite that it is not its first vocation.
A little bit noisy at low speed but good at highway speed.
Helpful 25 - tire reviewed on October 6, 2017
Given 94% while driving a Volkswagen Golf V5 (205/55 R16 W) on mostly town for 500 average miles
Very good !
Wet Grip and handling is twice better than my old Hankook tire.
Little bit "grinding" noise at very low speed but ok on highway speed
Also tried on snow and grip is very good if you have to use it in snow sometimes.

Helpful 17 - tire reviewed on May 2, 2017
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