Sunny SN3860

The Sunny SN3860 is a High Performance Winter tire designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tire Reviews

Dry Grip 62%
Wet Grip 62%
Road Feedback 62%
Handling 63%
Wear 67%
Comfort 63%
Buy again 63%
Snow Grip 10%
Ice Grip 10%

Tire review data from 6 tire reviews averaging 51% over 49,500 miles driven.

The SN3860 is ranked 54th of 55 Winter High Performance tires.

Latest Tire Test Results

2020 Nordic and Studded Winter Tire Test - 21st of 20 tires

  • Positive - Very short wet braking distances.
  • Negative - Practically no grip on ice and almost as bad in the snow, erratic handling in the wet.
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2020 Tire Tests

  • 21st: 2020 Nordic and Studded Winter Tire Test (205/55 R16)
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    Top 3 Sunny SN3860 Reviews

    Given 69% while driving a Toyota Corolla (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 5,500 average miles
    The grip pattern looks like Toyo's .. Just sayin.. Lasted four seasons of Canadian city driving... Don't buy these if you travel on unsalted country roads where's there's ALoT of snow... Really made for Toronto or Montreal. I guess I can go a fifth year but I have little patience.. So I'll be trying hankooks next time around. I'll give them a pass but don't expect to keep up with michelins or any other brand names. Decent tire gets the job done... Good value!
    Helpful 6 - tire reviewed on February 20, 2016
    Given 10% while driving a (205/55 R16) on for 0 miles
    "It was amazing and previously unheard of that in our winter tire comparison tests, we found a studded tire that was lost in ice grip tests for even the weakest friction tires! So by no means should you buy a Sunny Winter Grip SN3860 tire, no matter how cheap it is." Winter tire test / Magazine: Tekniikan Maailma 17/2020 / Finland ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oli hämmästyttävää ja ennen kuulumatonta, että talvirengasvertailumme testeissä löysimme nastarenkaan, joka hävisi jääpitoa mittaavissa kokeissa jopa heikoimmille kitkarenkaille! Sunny Winter Grip SN3860 -rengasta ei siis missään nimessä kannata hankkia, saipa sen miten halvalla hyvänsä. Tekniikan Maailma 17/2020
    Helpful 6 - tire reviewed on September 16, 2020
    Given 84% while driving a Audi A3 2.0 TDI 140 (225/65 R15) on mostly motorways for 0 average miles
    Excellent tires. Nothing to complain for. Grip very well in snow. Very good.
    Helpful 2 - tire reviewed on November 10, 2013
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    Latest Sunny SN3860 Reviews

    Given 70% while driving a SEAT EXEO. SE.(143) 2.0ltr dsl turbo (205/55 R16 T) on mostly motorways for 30,000 average miles
    I changed the low profile wheels and tires to reduce the harsh ride and replaced with alloys and these Sunny winter tires, which I have run year round. They have been amazingly hardy and great in snow. Not bad in the dry, but leave a big gap if the road is damp rather than wet! That's the only reason I won't be buying them again. Having said that, I just slowed down a bit, so maybe no bad thing.
    Helpful 1 - tire reviewed on July 15, 2013
    Given 50% while driving a Chevrolet Lacetti (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 4,000 average miles
    Not good when there's no snow.; Great when there's snow!
    Helpful 1 - tire reviewed on September 17, 2011
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    Given 96% while driving a Audi 80 B4 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
    Have studded Sunny/Wanli. Never had such a good expierence with brand tires.
    Helpful 1 - tire reviewed on October 25, 2010