Premiorri Solazo

The Premiorri Solazo is a Touring Summer tire designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tire Reviews

Dry Grip 64%
Wet Grip 40%
Road Feedback 49%
Handling 55%
Wear 70%
Comfort 65%
Buy again 50%

Tire review data from 9 tire reviews averaging 56% over 55,100 miles driven.

The Solazo is ranked 155th of 211 Summer Touring tires.

Latest Tire Test Results

2015 Auto Bild 215/55 R16 Technical Tire Test - 9th of 10 tires

  • Positive - None mentioned
  • Negative - Very bad handling in the dry and wet, low resistance to aquaplaning, long braking in the dry and wet, low comfort, high noise, high rolling resistance
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2014 AMS Summer Tire Test - 205/55 R16 - 8th of 11 tires

  • Positive - The newcomer from Ukraine surprised with good Wet braking and comfort.
  • Negative - Shortcomings only aquaplaning and rolling resistance.
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2015 Tire Tests

  • 9th: 2015 Auto Bild 215/55 R16 Technical Tire Test (215/55 R16)
  • 2014 Tire Tests

  • 8th: 2014 AMS Summer Tire Test - 205/55 R16 (205/55 R16)
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    Size Price Range  
    195/65 R15 $77.96 - $78.99 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    205/50 R17 $86.99 - $86.99 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    205/55 R16 $68.93 - $91.96 (3 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    Available in 18 tire sizes - View all.

    Top 3 Premiorri Solazo Reviews

    Hyundai elantra (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
    Wonderful tires. Adequate price at the level of normal quality
    Helpful 79 - tire reviewed on March 31, 2017
    Given 27% while driving a Opel Astra H CDTI (195/65 R15) on mostly country roads for 10,000 spirited miles
    Tire is terrible, in my car, which is not too strong tire is awful. I do not recommend it to anyone. Tire is created to die on the wet
    Helpful 36 - tire reviewed on February 6, 2017
    BMW 1 series (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
    Great tires for the price
    Helpful 19 - tire reviewed on April 23, 2019
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    Latest Premiorri Solazo Reviews

    Given 73% while driving a Porsche 986 Boxster S (205/50 R17) on mostly country roads for 5,000 spirited miles
    Not a really sticky tire but that should be obvious by the tread wear number! Have these on the front of a Boxster S…can’t really get a handle on why the hate re: grip..if you want big grip,spend some money…and quit whining about the rubber..
    Helpful 1 - tire reviewed on December 23, 2022
    Given 83% while driving a Hyundai elantra (/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 20,000 spirited miles
    car hugs the road under moderate to aggressive driving now with these tires. smooth very smooth but a little noisy but manageable. I highly recommend these tires especially if your driving a Elantra sport with the hankooks. night and day diff. agressive tread major grip and affordable..... what's not to love?
    Helpful 6 - tire reviewed on April 25, 2022
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    Given 23% while driving a Mercedes Benz C220 CDI Estate (245/40 R18) on mostly motorways for 500 average miles
    Dreadful tire. Designed to kill drivers. I've had these rears on my Mercedes C220 for 2 weeks and they're going back to be removed. I've had three instances of the rear just shooting out almost to 90deg. Today I was nearly stuffed into a motorway dyke due to losing the rear on exiting 2nd gear roundabout. Terrible aquaplaning as well. Do not buy these tires if you value your life.
    Helpful 9 - tire reviewed on January 31, 2022
    Given 34% while driving a Volvo V50 estate (225/45 R17 R) on mostly town for 8,000 spirited miles
    Scarily low traction in the wet, understeers horrifically, braking & wheelspin much worse too, & hasn't improved with age. The 12yo Pirelli P6000`s they replaced were much better all round, despite being perished & only having 1.8mm tread left, wet or dry. Absolutely terrible, wouldn't touch the brand again.
    Helpful 10 - tire reviewed on October 21, 2020
    Given 32% while driving a Peugeot 307 (205/55 R16) on mostly motorways for 1,500 average miles
    These tires are just a fraud!!!
    I deeply regret my buying them - I have Michelin in front and those at rear- I feel in danger on wet road and on dry road holding is barely acceptable. In curves you can feel the back of the car slowly drifting. I can’t imagine myself in an emergency breaking 😨. These tires’s rubber is so hard if feels they’re made of solid stone ! At least they might last for ever but as dangerous as that : NO WAY! I’ll have to get rid of them and buy new ones ASAP! Do yourself a favour : don’t buy them!!!
    Helpful 13 - tire reviewed on December 8, 2019
    Given 97% while driving a Honda Civic SI Coupe (205/55 R16) on mostly motorways for 100 average miles
    bought 4 new winter tires tried them out in the snow for the first time 29/12/2015 works amaznig good grip holds the road no problems at all
    Helpful 18 - tire reviewed on December 29, 2015