Nokian zLine SUV

The Nokian zLine SUV is a Premium Touring Summer tire designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4s.

Dry Grip 88%
Wet Grip 85%
Road Feedback 83%
Handling 85%
Wear 65%
Comfort 68%
Buy again 65%

Tire review data from 4 tire reviews averaging 77% over 58,500 miles driven.

The zLine SUV is ranked 13th of 28 Summer Premium Touring tires.

Latest Tire Test Results

2016 Autobild 4x4 / SUV Tire Test - 2nd of 7 tires

  • Positive - A well balanced tire with good results in nearly all the wet tests. Low rolling resistance, well priced
  • Negative - Relatively weak resistance to aquaplaning, high noise level
  • Overall - Exemplary
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2015 Off Road SUV 4x4 Tire Test - 1st of 9 tires

  • Positive - Good handling and braking on dry and wet roads
  • Negative - Expensive
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2016 Tire Tests

  • 2nd: 2016 Autobild 4x4 / SUV Tire Test (255/55 R19)
  • 2015 Tire Tests

  • 1st: 2015 Off Road SUV 4x4 Tire Test (255/55 R18)
  • Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
    235/65 R17 108V   C A 70  
    235/60 R18 107W   C A 70  
    275/45 R19 108Y   C A 71  
    235/50 R19 99V   C A 69  
    245/55 R19 103V   C A 69  
    255/55 R19 111W   C A 71  
    275/55 R19 111W   C A 70  
    245/50 R20 102W   C A 69  
    265/50 R20 111W   C A 71  
    275/50 R20 113W   C A 71  
    285/50 R20 116W   C A 73  
    275/55 R20 117V   C A 71  
    295/35 R21 107Y   C A 72  
    275/40 R21 107V   C A 71  

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    Size Price Range  
    255/50 R19 $164.99 - $171.96 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    Available in 7 tire sizes - View all.

    Top 3 Nokian zLine SUV Reviews

    Given 86% while driving a Dodge Nitro (245/50 R20 W) on a combination of roads for 12,000 average miles
    Great tires. Changed the back last August and done around 12K on them - showing very little wear at all. Excellent in the wet and responsive and full of grip on dry roads. Just ordered another two for the front now my Pirelli Scorpions have worn out - the Nokians are the best tire I've had on the Dodge, much better than the OEM Goodyear Eagle RSA.
    Helpful 33 - tire reviewed on September 30, 2015
    Given 70% while driving a Land Rover Freelander 2 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 18,000 average miles
    Got these tires back at the March 2016 and now middle of Jan 2017 they're down to 2mm & just about finished. Previous Hankook tires I'd had on a Hyundai Santa Fe were 30k + when I sold it on and they still had about 4mm of thread.
    Although they've preformed well in other ways I'm disappointed with how quickly they've worn in comparison the Hankook tires
    Helpful 10 - tire reviewed on January 26, 2017
    Given 71% while driving a Volvo XC90 2.5t AWD VOR (255/50 R19) on a combination of roads for 12,500 average miles
    I bought the car along with the tires, drove 20.000 km on them, and they are relatively good tires, getting a bit old and noisy, they have a good grip on dry roads, but on wet they feel slippery, especially with aquaplanning they don't do well. Don't know how new ones feel like, these are 2 years old. The ride is hard, but that might be due to low sidewall of the tire. Looking to replace them with Nokian Weatherproof SUV tires.
    Helpful 7 - tire reviewed on August 26, 2018
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    Latest Nokian zLine SUV Reviews

    Given 80% while driving a Mazda CX7 (235/60 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 16,000 spirited miles
    Very sporty tire, quite hard but precise handling. You can drive an SUV as an sport car. Because of spirited driving they wore out in three summers, driven approximately 25000 km. Very good in the wet (even with litle tread) and aquaplaning. Didn't have any truble with the tires, so yes i would buy again.
    Helpful 7 - tire reviewed on September 10, 2018