Lassa Tires

Lassa Tires

Lassa Tires is a product of Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Tire Manufacturing and Trading Inc. The company behind the Lassa brand Brisa, founded in 1988, is a joint venture between the Sabancı Group of Turkey and the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan. Today Brisa is one of Europe’s largest tire producers with its two factories, İzmit & Aksaray. Dedicated to the production of "top-quality" Lassa Tires, Brisa manufactures at rigorous standards of quality control. Lassa Tires is an ambitious worldwide brand that is gearing up to grow further in international markets with more than 80 countries and over 6.000 sales points. Lassa manufactures passenger, light truck, truck, bus, agriculture and off the road tires in 2 plants – 500.000m2’s of covered area.

Brisa supplies Lassa Tires to high quality OEMs, over 80 countries worldwide through an impressive distributor network and through distributors who are specially selected for their location, logistics and experience.

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