Firestone F580

The Firestone F580 is a Touring Summer tire designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

This tire has been replaced by the Firestone F590.

Tire Reviews

Dry Grip 70%
Wet Grip 55%
Road Feedback 55%
Handling 55%
Wear 67%
Comfort 60%
Buy again 67%

Tire review data from 3 tire reviews averaging 61% over 52,000 miles driven.

The F580 is ranked 122nd of 207 Summer Touring tires.

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Top 3 Firestone F580 Reviews

Given 90% while driving a Volkswagen Golf Mk4 1,6 16V (175/90 R14 H) on mostly town for 30,000 average miles
I had a set of these tires fitted to my wife's VW Golf Mk4 1.4 in 2011. They have now done 29,320 miles. Although a summer tire their grip in deep snow was excellent.
Helpful 9 - tire reviewed on March 18, 2015
Given 86% while driving a Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI (175/80 R14) on a combination of roads for 7,000 spirited miles
Have had these on my 02 plate Astra Eco4 diesel for now for 7,000 miles and I cant fault them at all. Dry grip is excellent and although my car is not built for speed the skinny 175 tires grip extremely well when I push it. They are quiet, and smooth and also have excellent feedback. They are safe in the wet and they cut through deep puddles with ease. Although they are not a winter tire they also handled the recent snow very well and inspired confidence if driven appropriately. Will definitely fir these again when the time comes. Forgot to mention, they wear well also.
Helpful 2 - tire reviewed on March 12, 2012
Given 30% while driving a Skoda Octavia (175/80 R14 H) on a combination of roads for 15,000 easy going miles
awful, awful, awful! My car came with these tires and when i replaced i gave them the benefit of the doubt and replaced with the same...what a mistake! they are plain awful, dangerous even (in the wet/snow), and wear down in just over 10,000 miles. I expected much better from a 'famous' brand like Firestone.
Helpful 2 - tire reviewed on March 16, 2012
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