New Nurburgring Lap Record for the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R

Lap records at the infamous Nurburgring are hotly contested, so it's certainly news that the lap record for compact cars set way back in 2019 as finally been beaten! 

Pirelli and Audi teamed up to set the lap record with the new Audi RS3, wearing the track focused, but road legal, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. The new record of 7m40.748s on the 20.8-kilometre circuit beats the previous record for compact cars by 4.64 seconds!

Interestingly, the tire sizes chosen were 265/30Z R19 at the front and 245/35Z R19 at the back. We're not sure if this a factory setup, but it will certainly help dial out some of the understeer of the front engined, front bias AWD package!

Press release below.


Together with their counterparts from Audi, Pirelli’s engineers developed a bespoke version of the P Zero Trofeo R for this latest RS 3: track tires also homologated for road use, which are derived from Pirelli’s experience in premier global motorsport championships. This tire uses the latest technology, especially when it comes to compound, structure, and tread pattern, combining the best possible performance on the road as well as the track. For example, the tread pattern design is created to favour stability on the straights as well as shortening braking distances and improving lateral grip through corners. These tires are made at Pirelli’s Izmit factory in Turkey, a facility that also produces motorsport tires for all the different motorsport championships that Pirelli is involved in, using exactly the same technology and equipment that is utilised to make state-of-the-art motorsport tires.


An alternative to the P Zero Trofeo R tire is the famous P Zero, which is designed for everyday use for drivers less inclined towards track days. This tire combines performance and comfort without compromising speed, sportiness and control. As well as complementing the sporting nature of the Audi RS 3, P Zero is also geared towards sustainability: the structure and materials of these tires have been designed to optimise rolling resistance, earning it an “A” rating on the European tire label, with reduced fuel consumption and consequent benefits for the environment. The development of this tire also made use of Pirelli’s virtual design and simulation technology, reducing development time in order to react more quickly to Audi’s requirements and offering other benefits in terms of sustainability, with fewer physical prototypes needed. These bespoke tires carry a specific AO marking on the sidewall, denoting that they have been made to measure for Audi in line with Pirelli’s ‘perfect fit’ strategy

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