Falken EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO - Launched

Falken just become the first brand to launch a modern ultra high performance all season tire in Europe, with the new Falken EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO. This new tire has been marketed as an all-season solution, specifically tailored for high-performance vehicles.

The EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO is available in 46 sizes, covering diameters from 17 to 21 inches and cross-sections from 35 to 65. Falken also offers this tire with speed ratings up to W (270 km/h), suggesting an attempt to cater to a wide range of vehicles and performance expectations.

Balancing Grip and Comfort

The EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO features an asymmetric tread pattern. Falken claims that this design balances improved grip and a quieter, smoother ride, which would be an appealing proposition for drivers who seek a sporty driving experience without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Falken's engineers have reportedly focused on ensuring superior performance in winter conditions. While we have yet to conduct independent tests, Falken reports that the tire offers exceptional traction on slushy and snow-covered roads.

Design and Technology

Falken has incorporated an innovative all-season tread in the EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO that is designed to provide balanced performance in all driving conditions. The inner running surface is optimised for snow and slush, complemented by the outer tread for peak performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The tread also includes a uniform outer shoulder and two wide grooves that run the circumference of the tire. These features, according to Falken, contribute to efficient water drainage and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The interior of the tire sports step-down tread grooves arranged in an offset configuration, which Falken claims ensure excellent grip and precise handling on snow.

To tackle the challenges of high-speed driving, Falken has improved the tire contour to prevent running surface deformation due to centrifugal forces, aiming to maximize the contact patch with the road and ensure driving stability and high responsiveness at high speeds.

Sustainability and Longevity

Falken claims that the AS220 PRO is not only superior in terms of handling in wet and dry conditions and safety at high speeds, but also impresses with its fuel consumption efficiency, thus reducing CO2 emissions. The company also states that its advanced 4D NANO design technology ensures lower wear rates and extends the tire's lifespan.

Aesthetics and Load Capacity

The EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO is designed with an aerodynamic sidewall and a nano-black inscription, indicating Falken's awareness of the aesthetic appeal to high-performance vehicle enthusiasts.

Falken reports that the tire has an XL rating, suggesting high load-bearing capacities across all 46 dimensions. The company also offers eight sizes specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs), most of which are equipped with a rim protection strip.

Quality Assurance

Falken offers a warranty that provides coverage for product defects for up to five years, depending on the remaining tread depth.

The EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO, as per Falken, attempts to set a new standard in all-season tires, balancing performance, safety, and sustainability. It remains to be seen how this new offering will perform in real-world conditions and independent tests, but it appears that Falken has put considerable effort into developing a tire that caters to the demands of high-performance vehicle drivers throughout the year.


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