Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS - Launch Report

Bridgestone Potenza Sport ASBridgestone, the world's largest tire and rubber company, has rolled out a new addition to their Potenza series: the Potenza Sport AS. Developed by a 400-member team in Akron, Ohio, the tire aims to set a new standard in the ultra-high performance all-season segment. The Potenza Sport AS is initially available in 48 sizes, targeted at sports sedans and sports cars, with an expansion to 76 sizes planned for 2024.

New Technologies

Bridgestone plans to incorporate ENLITEN technology in 90% of their tires within the next decade. The Potenza Sport AS is the second tire to feature this technology, following the Turanza EV. ENLITEN aims to optimize all-season performance and extend wear life. 

Part of the ENLITEN marking is the new PeakLife polymer. PeakLife is a breakthrough synthetic rubber compound, providing high wear resistance, better wet grip, and lower rolling resistance. PeakLife technologies aids in bonding silica to the rubber, thus extending the total performance envelope of the tire.

The Potenza Sport AS also includes a solid rib design aimed at improved handling, full-depth thin 3D sipes for better performance in winter conditions, and, following the recent trends in the sidewall, a high-contrast sidewall design for a premium finish, marking a first in North American replacement tires from the company.

Performance Metrics

When compared to its predecessor, the 980AS+, the Potenza Sport AS offers improved steering precision, better wet and dry grip, and robust winter performance. It also boasts a 50,000-mile tread life.

First Drive Impressions

Tire Reviews was invited to Atlanta Motorsport Park to try the the new Potenza Sport AS on a Subaru BRZ. 

While the experience was somewhat limited, the first drive indicates very promising steering reactions and good wet grip, which align with Bridgestone’s claims of better steering precision over the previous 980AS+ model. 

Staff at the event were bullish about the new tires performance, especially when compared to key competitors such as the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 and Continental ExtremeContact DWS06+.


The Potenza Sport AS from Bridgestone incorporates significant advancements in tire technology. With the introduction of ENLITEN and PeakLife technologies, along with comprehensive improvements over its predecessor, the 980AS+, the tire promises a balanced blend of ultrahigh all-season performance, improved durability, and extended tread life.

Keep an eye on the Tire Reviews website and YouTube channel for further coverage in the future.


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