About Jonathan

  • With a lifelong passion for automotive engineering and a keen interest in tire technology, Jonathan Benson founded Tire Reviews in 2006. An innovator and a respected authority in the tire industry, Jonathan’s journey began with a simple goal: to provide drivers around the world with impartial, comprehensive tire information. His commitment to delivering unbiased, data-driven insights has set Tire Reviews as the leader in the field.

    Jonathan's expertise is not just limited to the theoretical aspects of tire technology as he conducts multiple yearly tests to ensure the data provided to consumers is both accurate and relevant. This dedication to quality and detail has helped Jonathan establish Tire Reviews as THE trusted source for millions of drivers globally.

    Jonathan's work on Tire Reviews has not only become a go-to resource for tire buyers but also a significant influencer in the tire industry. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping consumer perceptions and driving innovation within the tire sector.

    Jonathan has appeared on the BBC, been quoted in various newspapers, and has appeared on many of the leading automotive podcasts to spread knowledge about tires.

    Jonathan's vision extends beyond Tire Reviews. He is actively involved in advocating for higher standards and greater transparency in the tire industry. His work is not just a career but a commitment to enhancing road safety and helping consumers make informed decisions.

    In his spare time, Jonathan likes to stay active, visit the gym regularly and spend time learning.

    You can read more about Tire Reviews here.