295/30 R22 Tires

The following tires have been reviewed in 295/30 R22.
Tire Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Accelera Iota (37) 80% 66% 65% 65% 70% 66%

295/30 22 Tire Review Highlights

Accelera Iota rated 59% while driving a Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 wagon
Driving on mostly town for 1000 average miles
Purchased these for my Shogun as there is not really any other option for budget 22" tires. So far had them since November 2015 and done about 1000 miles. The dry is very good, as good as on my other car (bridgestone) and wet grip is very good for the price. Never had any slip or issues with braking, always on point and stops as it should. The MAJOR issue is the road noise...i have never had a tire make this much noise once you hit 50mph!! I have used some really budget tires (three-a, kumho etc.) and never had noise come out of a tire like this. It cannot be 74db as stated it is more like 78db it really is noisy i had one person ask me is that your engine i said no ever since i changed tires the noise from these tires is crazy!! I travel once a month on a motorway and even around north circular and it really is noisy, i cant wait for them to wear down and change them!
tire reviewed on 2016-03-27 14:15:33
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