Michelin Pilot Sport VS EV Specific Performance Tires

At Tire Reviews, we frequently receive inquiries from electric vehicle (EV) owners about whether they should continue using the original equipment (OE) tires designed for their EVs, switch to a newer specific EV tire, or opt for a standard aftermarket tire. It seems that German publication AutoBild has encountered similar questions, as they recently conducted a test comparing three tire types on a Tesla Model S.

In this test, AutoBild compared the OE Michelin Pilot Sport 3, the latest aftermarket version (Michelin Pilot Sport 5), and the new EV-specific aftermarket tire, the Hankook iON Evo. This examination addresses numerous concerns and provides valuable insights for EV owners.

Dry BrakingHankook iON Evo: 33.7 MMichelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 35.5 M
Dry HandlingMichelin Pilot Sport 5: 109.1 Km/HMichelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 105.8 Km/H
Wet BrakingHankook iON Evo: 43.5 MMichelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 48.8 M
Wet HandlingHankook iON Evo: 77.3 Km/HMichelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 75.2 Km/H
Straight AquaMichelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 96.9 Km/HHankook iON Evo: 90.9 Km/H
PriceHankook iON Evo: 900 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 1100
Rolling ResistanceHankook iON Evo: 6.21 kg / tMichelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3: 7.78 kg / t

Range Impact

The first question most EV owners have is what will happen to their range if they fit an aftermarket tire, as the factory fit tire will almost certainly be optimised for low energy use.

In this test, the OE tire actually used the highest amount of energy, being narrowly beaten by the newer Pilot Sport 5. However, if you're someone who stresses about charging, the aftermarket Hankook iON Evo proved to have a clear advantage, 1.5kg/t which would result in the Tesla achieving about 5%, or 30 km extra range per charge! 

Wet Performance

Many assume that improved range comes at the cost of reduced wet grip. A glance at the aquaplaning results might reinforce this assumption, as the OE tire excelled while the Hankook iON Evo lagged behind, about 5% worse than the best performer. However, various techniques can optimize tires for heavier, more powerful electric vehicles. These optimizations seemed to have paid off, as the Hankook iON Evo posted the fastest wet handling lap time and the shortest wet braking distance by a significant margin.


When it comes to dry performance, the OE tire falls short once again. Although the Hankook iON Evo slightly outperformed the Pilot Sport 5 in dry braking, the Pilot Sport 5 had a small edge in dry handling, delivering the fastest lap time and superior subjective handling among the group.


In an unusual twist, the best overall tires in this test were also the most affordable. The OE tires cost roughly 200 euros more per set than the Hankook iON Evo, proving that sometimes, the most expensive option isn't always the best choice for your vehicle. The aftermarket Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires sat in the middle of the two sets.


1st: Hankook iON Evo

Hankook iON Evo
  • 245/45 R19
  • EU Label: A/A/69
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking1st33.7 M100%
Dry Handling2nd108.3 Km/H109.1 Km/H-0.8 Km/H99.27%
Wet Braking1st43.5 M100%
Wet Handling1st77.3 Km/H100%
Straight Aqua3rd90.9 Km/H96.9 Km/H-6 Km/H93.81%
Price1st900 100%
Rolling Resistance1st6.21 kg / t100%
Very low rolling resistance, good driving dynamics on wet and dry roads, short braking distances, good comfort, low noise.
Average aquaplaning resistance.
Test Winner.

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2nd: Michelin Pilot Sport 5

Michelin Pilot Sport 5
  • 245/45 R19
  • EU Label: C/A/72
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking2nd33.8 M33.7 M+0.1 M99.7%
Dry Handling1st109.1 Km/H100%
Wet Braking2nd47.3 M43.5 M+3.8 M91.97%
Wet Handling2nd76.7 Km/H77.3 Km/H-0.6 Km/H99.22%
Straight Aqua2nd93.7 Km/H96.9 Km/H-3.2 Km/H96.7%
Price2nd1000 900 +100 90%
Rolling Resistance2nd7.67 kg / t6.21 kg / t+1.46 kg / t80.96%
Outstanding driving dynamics with sensitive steering and short braking distances on dry roads, well balanced safe handling balance on wet roads.
Average rolling resistance, increased noise.

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3rd: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3
  • 245/45 R19
  • EU Label: C/B/71
  • 3PMSF: no
Dry Braking3rd35.5 M33.7 M+1.8 M94.93%
Dry Handling3rd105.8 Km/H109.1 Km/H-3.3 Km/H96.98%
Wet Braking3rd48.8 M43.5 M+5.3 M89.14%
Wet Handling3rd75.2 Km/H77.3 Km/H-2.1 Km/H97.28%
Straight Aqua1st96.9 Km/H100%
Price3rd1100 900 +200 81.82%
Rolling Resistance3rd7.78 kg / t6.21 kg / t+1.57 kg / t79.82%
[Tesla OE Tire] Very good aquaplaning resistance, good handling on dry and wet roads.
Long wet and dry braking distances, average rolling resistance, limited ride comfort.

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