BFGoodrich ActivAir: The Ultimate Tire-Inflation System for Off-Road Enthusiasts

As deflating and inflating your tires is perhaps the most tedious part of taking your vehicle on to the dirt, off-roading enthusiasts have been searching for the perfect tire-inflation system for years, and it seems that BFGoodrich has delivered the ideal solution. 

The new BFGoodrich ActiveAir system is a fully integrated, cable free, electronically controlled tire inflation system for Jeeps.

I had the opportunity to experience BFGoodrich's groundbreaking ActivAir system during the Easter Jeep weekend in Moab, and it's safe to say that it's a game-changer. In this article, I will discuss the key features of this innovative system and why it's a must-have for every off-roader.

Effortless Inflation and Deflation On-the-Go

One of the most significant advantages of the ActivAir system is its ability to inflate and deflate tires while driving. Gone are the days of stopping, getting out of the vehicle, and manually adjusting tire pressure to adapt to different terrains. With ActivAir, drivers can seamlessly transition between various surfaces, such as rock, sand, mud, and road, without losing momentum or wasting time. The pressure changing can even be done at speed, meaning there really is no reason to slow down. Inflation from a low offroad pressure such as 11psi to a normal street pressure can be done in as little as 3 minutes for all four wheels.

No External Lines to Get Damaged

BFGoodrich's ActivAir system is designed to be robust and reliable. Unlike the current electronic tire-inflation systems, there are no external lines that can get damaged during off-roading adventures. Instead, the system works through the axle of the Jeep, ensuring its components remain protected and functional at all times.

Independent Tire Pressure Control and Presets

ActivAir's intelligent design allows drivers to control the pressure of each tire independently, providing maximum flexibility and customization. The system also includes the option to save preset settings for different driving conditions, such as on-road and off-road scenarios. With the simple press of a button, users can switch between preset modes, ensuring their vehicle is always optimized for the current terrain.

Complete Kit for Hassle-Free Installation

The ActivAir kit includes everything needed for a seamless and straightforward installation: axles, wheels, lines, and a compressor. This comprehensive package allows off-roaders to upgrade their vehicle with the revolutionary tire-inflation system without the need to search for and purchase additional components separately. While axles and wheels might seem like a big investment, if you're serious about off-roading you'll be buying these items anyway, and the Dynatrac axles provided, with the airlines built in, are some of the most respected axles in the industry.

BFGoodrich has designed the ActivAir system with extreme off-roading in mind. This rugged and robust system has been tested in some of the most challenging environments, such as the Dakar Rally and Ultra4 Racing circuit, ensuring it can withstand even the harshest off-road conditions. The components of ActivAir are built to endure and perform under intense pressure, providing off-roaders with the confidence and peace of mind they need to conquer any terrain.

In conclusion, the new BFGoodrich's ActivAir system is a very well engineered addition to your vehicle. Its ability to adjust tire pressures while driving, absence of external lines, comprehensive kit, independent pressure control, and rugged design make it an essential addition to any off-road vehicle.


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